Sites I Like

Restaurant Reviews
My Inner Fatty -NY
KevinEats -SoCal
These guys were my two largest influences to write about restaurants. Nick was actually the person to get me to start the blog, and both were tremendously helpful during the initial stages.
The Girl Who Ate Everything – Everywhere
Food Collage - Pitt
With The Grains - Pitt
Gastro bits -SoCal
Gourmands Review- SoCal
EJEats – SoCal
Mmm-yoso!!! - SoCal
Food Coma 911 SoCal
Epicuryan - SoCal
Solesofsatiety – NorCal
ChuckEats – Fine Dining
UlteriorEpicure – Fine Dining
AdamKuban - NY
Donuts4dinner – NY
AnImmovableFeast  - NY (formerly SoCal) + chains and Trader Joes!

Product Reviews
Foodette Reviews
ZOMG Candy
On Second Scoop
Ice Cream Informant
Food Junk
Grub Grade

So Good 

Cooking/Baking/Food Porn (and rants)
How Sweet It Is
Kirbie’s Cravings
Cookie Madness
Pavlov’s Blog

How to balance food and fitness?

JCD Fitness (also my web designer) JCDeen

How about a job?
Good Food Jobs