Why Rodzilla? It’s a nickname, from way back.

What is this site about? Mostly things I like. Mostly food related.

What do the ratings mean?  They’re letter grades.

Why no ratings for Restaurants? Restaurant visits are more of a fun way for me to document my experiences – I’m not there to be a critic, I’m there to enjoy myself.

Do you visit restaurants under pseudonyms to avoid being “found out”? No, see above. Not a critic, no intention of being one.

Favorite type of restaurant meal? Omakase with Mooms mayne if possible.

Pet Peeves? Assholes (other than me).

Is this your real job? No.

Will you add me to your sites I like page? If you have a site and I like it – yes. If you’re looking to climb to the top of some E-social exposure ladder – no.

Are you angry? I’m actually really, really, happy.

I want to know more. Ask away

Can I E-mail you? Yep, check the contact page.