by Rodzilla on September 7, 2012 · 5 comments

Maybe I got a bad batch, or a worse batch than soybeans that have gone bad can be. Whatever the case, I’m putting second chances pretty far off.

This is a serious case of taste aversion; I’m actually having some trouble writing this post as the stomach assault happened so recently. I was unfazed by the baked beans covered in mucus look initially. The taste and texture weren’t the culprits. My first thoughts were, “not that bad, but not that good.”

It was like smaller harder canned garbanzo beans…and slime. It’s a strong off-nutty flavor that won’t be covered up by the accompanying mustard and soy sauce packets.

No. It was the colitis-esq stomach-ache that came an hour or so later that’s making me feel so betrayed by my beloved 99 Ranch.

Natto, I’m natto fan. C’mon, you had to see that one coming.

Grade: F+

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1 Kirbie

Sorry to hear that. Hmm, I’ve never had it packaged. Always had it only at restaurants. It does usually have an off like taste because it’s fermented. If you ever venture to try again, I’d recommend you get it from a restaurant like Sakura. Though either way I’m not a huge fan of it myself.

2 Kirk

Mr Rodzilla – Dude, Hime is a lousy brand! You gotta try something a bit better. Plus, I’d never, ever buy Japanese products from 99 Ranch Market….I believe you’d be better off getting it from Nijiya, Mitsuwa, or Marukai, stronger key customer base. That really looks terrible…..and I love natto…I even make natto okonomiyaki which I served at a dinner for 30, they loved it and didn’t have a clue. I hope you recover fully soon.

3 Rodzilla

Kirbie – that’s okay…it’s not your fault :p

Kirk – I knew I was taking a risk, I know they have it in China but I thought it was traditionally Japanese. I’d be willing to try it again with either you and/or Jen, I’m physically recovered…it’s a psychological scar at this point haha

4 Pav1ov

You know what else is fermented? Sake, Beer and Jameson…. none have ever treated me poorly…. I strongly recommend all three!

5 donuts4dinner

I have a real know-it-all friend at work who LOVES to espouse the nastiness of natto to anyone who will listen. And I love it whenever he starts to go off about the stuff, because I actually like it and get to say, “Um, don’t listen to him. As the person in this office with the CERTIFIED PALATE, I can attest to its deliciousness.” And everyone believes me and ignores him.

I trust you that this was gross, though.

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