Del Mar Rendezvous Restaurant Week Preview + Giveaway

by Rodzilla on September 4, 2012 · 16 comments

Del Mar Rendezvous has won San Diego Mag’s readers choice for best Chinese on a number of occasions, and the 150+ covers they hosted on the night of my visit made that award all the more convincing. I was more impressed by the fact that a two man team was handling the food for all of them, and handling it quite well.The best Chinese? Maybe. The most authentic? Certainly not. You won’t find too many “modern pan-asian” menus on Convoy street, or managing partners with names like Dan Shalom Schreiberger. You also won’t find chicken and duck sourced from Mary’s Chicken, extensive gluten free and vegetarian options, or such great service.

I would expect to be treated quite well as I was invited in to preview the menu, but I couldn’t believe how well the staff handled the senile old bastard next to me. He was honestly the most difficult guest I have ever witnessed including (including babies and drunks) and he was still treated just as well as my party. That deserved just as much praise as any of the food.and about that food, and the authenticity thing. Dan did tell me that they plan to start showcasing more of the very Taiwanese Chef Tony’s authentic dishes. The types of food he grew up with and still makes for his family today. One of these is being featured on the restaurant week menu, and it was my favorite of the night.Three Cup Chicken – I’m not sure I’ve ever described chicken as fall off the bone but this definitely was. Savory, sweet, and moderately spicy far from uncomfortable, in a rich marrow laden sauce. There are a limited amount available each evening so make sure to reserve yours with reservations.Mango Sorbet was a close second. Like a high-class yonanas, and  I appreciated a lighter option for closing out the meal.

Giveaway: I (along with seemingly every other food related site in San Diego) am offering ONE Restaurant Week Gift Card good for you and a guest to enjoy the restaurant week menu including upgrades. (Valid September 8th – 30th)

Del Mar Rendevous is also offering all restaurant week customers a $30 dollar ride voucher for transportation from Uber (post to come) to encourage safely enjoying their deals on wine and beer pairings.
Winner:  Mary

Thanks to everyone who read and entered.  Hopefully you’ll win one of the umpteen other giveaways for Rendezvous. Don’t forget that restaurant week includes a ton of other great places all over SD…but don’t forget the local Mom & Pops who could use your patronage either.

Now..what are the chances that Mary will be asked to do a giveaway as well?

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1 Edwin Real

I love that they use Mary’s Chicken!

2 Kate SDDS


I also like that you point out how nice they are to all their guests – it is true! Great service is just as good as delicious food – we love Del Mar Rendezvous for that (and many other reasons) too! *fingers crossed*

3 Minxi

I think it’s impressive that a two-man team managed to run a smooth restaurant. Would love to go check it out :)

4 Jackie @ Theseasidebaker

My Husband and I went there for our 10 year. It was fabulous!


5 Megan

Any time the words like “rich marrow laden sauce” are used, I get very happy! I’ll have to check this place out. And I tweeted! Thanks for the post!

6 Julie

I like that it’s a two man show! :)

7 Jenny (vintagesugarcube)

A 2- man team impressed the heck out of me!!

8 Kimmie

Love places that I as an extreme carnivore can still enjoy a meal with my vegetarian and gluten free friends without anyone feeling left out.


9 Joe

I like that you mentioned the fact that almost every single san diego food blogger has been given a pre RW tour and giveaway voucher. The three cup chicken intrigues me.

10 Rachelle S.

I tweeted and I have to say I’d love to visit Del Mar Rendezvous because they offer gluten free, yay! The food looks great!

11 Faye

I appreciate the fact that there’s a really good asian place to eat here in Del Mar (instead of having to drive to far to Convoy)

12 Anne N.
13 Anne N.

I like they have gluten free and vegetarian options.

14 Cheryl E

I tweeted.

They really do take good care of all their customers. They are quite friendly.

15 Carly

Obviously I’m not going to put myself in the running for anything in San Diego, I just wanted to say that that three-cup chicken looks so, so good.

16 Mary

Well, for one, I like that they use my chicken. Second, I’m glad that chef Tony still makes this food for his family today- I like authentic style restaurants. Last, a light close to the meal is key and I would LOVE to try this place out. Sounds way better than PF Chang’s.


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