Goose Pate from Champagne Delight

by Rodzilla on August 7, 2012 · 5 comments

 Don’t get too excited. I don’t want you to be deceived like I was.  There’s no liver to be found, force-fed or otherwise. Still, as a non-foie pate, I was pretty excited to see goose rather than a duck/pork mixture. Again, too excited.

How many of you are thinking cat food? I can’t be sure of just how similar they are as I’ve never tried a can of Mr. Whiskers, but it wouldn’t take too much convincing for me to do a side by side.

The taste and texture were like a congealed turkey gravy – and not the flavorful homemade kind. It had that generic salty poultry stock flavor, with an airy/fluffy consistency interspersed with bits of fat. I didn’t get goose, not even duck…I did get a little bit angry.

Don’t buy it.

Grade: D

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1 Carly

… It does look suspiciously like our cats’ turkey-flavor Fancy Feast.

Out of curiosity, does the foie gras ban stop you ordering from D’Artagnan or some other out-of-state supplier if you live in CA?

2 Rodzilla

Carly – there are a lot of grey areas. I’m pretty sure I can still order from out of state. Luckily, I have no trouble finding it in state either.

3 Pavlov

Here kitty kitty! Damn bro… I’d be stoked to see this at a resto but probably not so much in a can.

4 Chefprotoss

I got a tin of pork liver pate a couple years ago that tasted like spoiled dog food. I couldn’t believe a business made a product that awful. I’m suprised you gave this a D.

5 Mitch


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