Danielle Crunchy Pumpkin Chips

by Rodzilla on August 29, 2012 · 4 comments

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“The Pumpkin is most popular for its sweet and creamy flavor.  As the signature symbol of Thanksgiving, the Pumpkin has become part of the American holiday tradition and makes the perfect ingredient for savory meals and snacks. Danielle pumpkin chips make a great treat for all occasions.”  That’s the actual description found on Danielle Snacks website. It sucks so bad that I want to hate these..but I can’t.They’re too damn good, which is totally unexpected. You know that feeling that sets in immediately after you make an impulse purchase? That hit hard after spending a respective ass-load on these all natural, healthified, vacuum-fried pumpkins. I was all ready to embrace the classic health food compromise, where products don’t actually taste that great but are good enough for a  healthy option.Not this time. I think I found a favorite. That vacuum fry  gives the chips an incredible texture, I still noticed the pumpkin’s fibers, but they were crisp rather than chewy or limp. The flavor was equally impressive – agressively salted like a classic potato chip should be, with the natural sweetness of pumpkin. I’ll buy them again, and again, and again. I’ll also be trying the other flavors (that’s you Durian). Definitely recommended. These went from impulse buy to top of the list – maybe worth the trip alone.

Grade: A

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1 Shannon

Pumpkin chips? I would SO hesitate to grab a bag of those even though I like pumpkin. Your review cracked me up and sold me so my end of the week goal is to find a bag of these for the weekend.

2 lisa

Hmm…I wanna try! I usually overlook these in store because I bought the Banana chips before and they were not vacuum packed and baked in oil, so I just assumed they were all the same. but yay! thanks :)

3 Mitch

would have thought the macros would be a bit better, but these sound awesome. I doubt ill be able to find them, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

4 Rodzilla

Shannon – thanks :D, I really think you’ll be surprised

Lisa – They do seem to be up your alley. Where the banana chips from Danielle? I’ve had some freeze dried bananas that aren’t as good as the chips.

Mitch – Macros look pretty good to me, and if you tasted them you would be even more impressed.

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