Secret Cookie Service

by Rodzilla on July 31, 2012 · 4 comments

 While my parents were visiting San Diego, I had the brilliant idea of having cookies delivered to their hotel room from the Secret Cookie Service. I knew they would be delighted from reading KirbieCravings great reviews, and from speaking to the very personable Agent Snickerdoodle while placing the order. But that’s not why it was so brilliant…I ordered a dozen of the Chocolate Chip (the original secret recipe created by Agent Snickerdoodle’s mother). I then invited my own mother over when she called to thank me for such a nice surprise.
“I’m going to bring a few of these cookies over, you have to try them!”
“No mom, those are for you and dad, I wouldn’t want to – well..actually…okay, but just a few.”

The original Chocolate Chip had a perfect ratio of milk chocolate chips to buttery, chewy dough.  Half of my parent’s order later and I was ready to try a few more flavors. All of the cookies are around 2oz, and stay chewy and flavorful if they possibly make it long enough to get cold.

My own order included Cookies & Cream which had a fluffier somewhat muffin like quality, and full on Oreo flavor, but my personal favorite was the Chocolate Chocolate Chip. The kind of cookie that will make you say “Fudge” literally, as in, “that’s a fudged-up brownie-cookie”.  These will cause fights over the last one, or that awesome kind of glutton induced stomach ache if you order a few too many for yourself. Really, only order as many as you can comfortably eat in one sitting, you’ve been warned.

No mail order yet, perhaps in time they’ll be sent cross country in self destructing boxes, but for now SD locals can catch specials by following on Facebook and Twitter. A great gift to for your out of town visitors, or to your in town hosts.

Grade: A+

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1 Pavlov

yeah, pretty f’cking brilliant. I’m guessing cookie delivery services are everywhere in…well shit anywhere with a population of more than 20K apparently. But I’d so open a business like this in a heartbeat….if only I baked…

2 Dylan

Now I want a cookie…..

3 Mitch

those look incredible

4 donuts4dinner

Dang! Those things even look homemade. What a terribly awesome service. I’m not sure how they’re making any money on it if they’re delivering as few as two cookies, but god bless ‘em.

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