Arctic Zero Chocolate Dipped Bars

by Rodzilla on July 12, 2012 · 12 comments

Stop it. I know like half of you rolled your eyes when you saw that I was reviewing a lighter frozen dessert , but before you make that “psshh” and close your window, I’ve got news for your smug asses: low cal does not always mean artificial, and all-natural is not synonymous with tasteless. Oh, and being fat is only fashionable in third world countries.

Now, the malnourished in sweatpants look isn’t fashionable anywhere*, so I won’t personally be replacing too much of my frozen fare with these, but for those of you looking to save a few cals these aren’t a bad option at $4.50 for a box of 4.

Oranges Cream – started out tangier than I expected, but died off pretty quickly. It made me think watered down Flintstones push up** – which is more pleasant than it sounds. The thin chocolate coating is definitely the stronger flavor, its on the dark end of bittersweet, which makes sense  given the amount of sugar.

Strawberry – the base is very similar to the Arctic Zero strawberry pints, both in flavor and consistency. The thin chocolate shell is  again the overwhelming flavor.

I would have preferred a sweeter chocolate coating, and stronger flavor from the fauxcream itself, but liked them enough that I would try the other varieties.

The arctic zero pints still get my vote for the best of the ultra-low cal frozen desserts, but if you’re looking for a darker chocolate fix as well these are worth a shot. They’re not so tasty as to have you running the risk of taking the box down in a sitting, but given the nutrition and ingredient profiles, its not so much an issue if you do.

Grade: C+

*sometimes LA
**remind me to find these

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1 Will Gordon

These look pretty good and the ingredient list isn’t so horrifying. If I ever give up the “over-nourished in sweatpants” look, I’ll be sure to try them.

2 Carly

Oh, I was just at the store last night and all of the Arctic Zero spots in the freezer case were empty with big PRODUCT RECALL tags. Turns out it was just a labeling issue, but my boyfriend loves Arctic Zero, so I had a good time teasing him by positing gross reasons why it may have been recalled.

I’ve never seen these bars around here, though. I tried a pint of strawberry once and actually found it sort of repulsive, but he claims I just need to try some other flavors. I think the bars look a little more appealing, and truth be told, I’ve been hitting the ice cream a little too hard the past couple of weeks. I’ll have to check Whole Foods.

3 Nick Rovo

Nestle still makes those push ups just without the flintstones branding. I actually thought spongebob had taken over but those are the popsicle brand push ups. I was actually having a reminiscing moment the other day with Dubba on them seeing as he never tried them before. Oh the fights I would have with my siblings for those things.

4 Mitch

wow totally forgot about push-up pops. brb checking the store for them…Ive never seen arctic zero products though, but it sounds like if I ever do, these are the way to go. everyone seems to hate the pints.

5 Rodzilla

Will – the over-nourished in sweatpants is actually really big in the hip-hop community, that coupled with knowing what you generally review makes me think you might want to skip these.

Carly – I’m curious about what the labeling issue was – fill me in if you find out. I think vanilla maple is my favorite of the pint flavors, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t going to be like ice cream.

Nick – Coolness broseph

Mitch – If you go for the pints, I’d lean towards vanilla maple or coffee – you might have more of a taste for them given your familiarity with protein powders and such.

6 Carly

Sounds like it was just that they left off the allergy warning for the dairy content… I have to assume that anyone with a serious milk allergy would know not to have whey protein, though.

7 Chuck
8 Pavlov

Yeah, pretty much thinking if I can’t have super premium ice cream I’d rather not have any at all…Eating low calorie ice cream is like asking someone to kick you in the balls…you can do it, but the question is …why would you?

9 matt

have been wondering about these. however, this is not the flavor box id been looking at. the other one is what, vanilla and chocolate? would prefer that over the orange and strawberry

10 Lot-O-Choc

Shame these didn’t taste AMAZING but still pretty good for 85kcals for people looking for something sweet thats not gonna affect the waistline too much.

11 Mr. Fed Up

Hey Man GREAT review. I have been hearing more and more about these. Your intro paragraph is great…low cal does NOT mean artificial (or crappy taste). I am a big fan of the pints. The vanilla is great, but I remain loyal to the choc-PB.
Anyway, it is a shame they have not made the orange cream flavor into a pint. Your ‘watered-down Flintstones pushpop’ description has me really wanting to try this orange flavor now.
Oh, and about the recall. I spoke with a buddy of mine who co-founded AZ and yep, Carly is right. It was just some (slightly) mislabeling issues regarding the dairy content that had to be corrected. Realistically, people with any sort of dairy issues should have warning light go off if they see a product that is ‘whey’ based.

I hope they add some more products/flavors. So far Arctic Zero really has not disappointed, especially considering their nutritional stats.

12 lisa

interesting….Never saw these. Probably means I haven’t been shopping at Whole Foods enough (or…I’m eating way too many protein bars as meal replacements and don’t have time to shop…either or haha). But looks like its worth a try. Cant say Im a hug fan of Artic Zero pints, but I only tried the chocolate peanut butter one. It was pretty good when I mixed it with another chocolate frozen yogurt, which also cut cals and upped protein. But…still want to try these :)

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