I Fon’t Give a Duck about Foie

by Rodzilla on June 16, 2012 · 5 comments

I never really cared that much about foie gras. Sure, I like the taste, I’ll even argue for its ethics, but is foie in itself really that important to me? Not at all. The reasons I became so outspoken against the ban were always based on principle, and even more on the ridiculous actions of some Animal terrorist activist groups.I really, REALLY don’t care about the CHEFS organization. I don’t think they have done much, if anything for the same local chefs and restaurateurs who they drew on for support. To be completely honest, I was never thrilled with their approach. But hey, what do I know? It’s not like I actually went to the protests, saw how the issue was received from the general public, or spent time debunking the incredible amount of misinformation surrounding the subject….oh wait.

ariccia foie fridge

Foie Stockpile at Ariccia Market

I didn’t mention that last bit for recognition, my efforts were petty in comparison to a few of the local chefs/restaurateurs around San Diego who actually signed the petition. They DO deserve to be recognized, appreciated, and have their businesses supported.

I hope the above will explain why I’m so annoyed with all of the farewell to foie menus popping up from fair-weather foie fans. It’s one thing to stay out of the debacle completely, but trying to cash in last minute like this is  a slap in the face to those who were protested, harrassed, and even threatened.

so I just wanted to recognize those who either signed the petition, or supported them.

Matt Gordon, Urban Solace *protested *traveled to Sacramento
Victor Jimenez, The Cowboy Star *protested *threatened
Daniel Barron, Evolve Cuisine *protested
Robert Pascucci, Ariccia Italian Market
Greg Daniels, Haven Gastropub *protested
Paul McCabe, Delicias
Stephane Voitzwinkler, Bertrand at Mister A’s
Michel Malecot, The French Gourmet

and those who supported:
Angie and Jon Weber, The Cowboy Star *protested
Rich Sweeney, RGang Eatery
Pascal Besset, Angel’s Salumi
Alex Emery, Private Chef, Evolve Cuisine *protested
Jerome Astolfi, Flavor Del Mar
Jeff Bonilla, Kitchen 1540, Evolve Cuisine *protested
Dan Moody, Private Chef

There were others who supported the cause, and they are all deserving of recognition as well. The aformentioned names and places are the only one’s that are likely to serve foie before the ban ensues, and the only places I care to have it.

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1 Chuck

Looks like the ducks are pretty up in arms about the whole thing. A damn shame. Fantastic interview

2 Donald Duck

I’m a duck and I find this offensive.

3 uhockey

Nicely written. Alas, my trips to celebrate the Stanley Cup champs will be Foie-less.

I’m also offended to not be on your “Sites I like” list. :-)

4 Andrew

Really liked this post, Roddy! By the way, a little while back, I came across your Twitter exchange with some crackpot running for local office in San Diego and loved it; keep up your work as an athlete of reason.

5 Rodzilla

Chuck – haha, I spent way too much time with those two.

Donald – please expound

Mike – if you make it to SD they wont be ;)

Andrew – Thanks! He got killed in the polls..wonder why. You should make yourself known on the twittersphere my man.

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