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by Rodzilla on June 21, 2012 · 7 comments


Meet Kent. He tried to hit me up for beer money twice, and after hearing a bit of his story I kind of thought he deserved one. However, it was pretty obvious from the beginning of our conversation that Kent had already found his alcohol fix elsewhere. I also have slight reservations about giving alcohol to a guy on the street, but I didn’t have any beer to give anyway.

I did have some coupons from those Ben & Jerry guys, and I’d much rather see someone drown their sorrows in a pint of ice cream than a fifth of booze. Ken said he’d settle for some ice cream, so working with CVS’ limited selection, we settled on a favorite.

Speaking with Kent came from another project I’ve been working on, but its one that I’ve wanted to relate to the food reviewing world. With everyone a yelper, chowhounder, or self-proclaimed foodie (I fucking hate that word), its easy to lose perspective. I’m guilty of it myself, sure I’ll eat just about anything, but I’m quick to judge when someone tells me their favorite restaurant is The Olive Garden, or that Godiva is the best chocolate in the world. I’m not likely to change, but maybe I’ll call said people ignorant rather than idiots..or shit-heads. Point being, it’s fine to have an opinion maybe even a slightly entitled one – just don’t forget that it is truly is a luxury to have so much say in what you eat.

Kent thanked me for the ice cream and conversation, I did the same and told him I hoped he came upon some better times. As I began to walk away Ken stopped me one last time….to triple check that I didn’t want to buy him a beer.

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1 Dylan D

This is awesome!

First: Really admire that you are so kind to help a homeless person out like that, and the mere fact you gave him ice-cream is even better.

Secondly: Really curious to see what the project is you are working on.

2 Rodzilla

Dylan – thanks, it could also be scene is exploitative. not sure I would mention anything about that project here, but I’m not hard to get in touch with

3 Chad

Great article. Really enjoyed this one.

4 Chuck

Really noble of you man. It’s a shame about Kent’s alcoholism though.. What if they had has Run Raisin Ben and Jerry’s- then you would have really been in trouble

5 Matt

fueling his diabetes over his liver problems. i like it.

but seriously, a good use of BNJ coupons

6 rob

Nice jacket he’s wearing, I admire a man who dresses well while begging for a beer

7 Rodzilla

Chad – thanks man

Chuck – lol, Hagen Daz makes ones that actually is quite potent with the booze.

Matt – about a week before this I offered ice cream to a guy named Giuseppi, he wasn’t interested at all. He only wanted money for the evenings weed supply or the next mornings breakfast. He was also much too busy singing and playing guitar to break for eating. Giuseppi let me know that he was now too old to make it with his own material, but if he could get discovered doing covers of Clapton or Billy Joel he just might make it. He was also considering the San Diego Opera. I still left a bit of cash to fuel his creative process, or at least his dreams.

Rob – Kent was actually out with his lady for the evening so I’m assuming it was for her. He let me know she was around the corner because she got embarrassed when he pan-handled, which he didn’t understand because she was totally cool with picking up and smoking other people’s cigarette butts which Kent found much more embarrassing. His thoughts were at least he would be able to buy his own cigarettes this way, and maybe a sixer. I still say ice cream is better.

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