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A common response I get when telling someone I have a food site is, “Nuh uh, I LOVE food!” …Seriously, does that give us some unique common ground? I’m always tempted to reply with, “No way, you too?! Man I’m glad you told me! Listen, if you like food you’ve got to try this other thing I found, it’s called shelter and it’s amazing.”

Now some types of food elicit similar responses, and the excitement is a bit more fitting. There are die hard fans of sushi, chocolate, peanut butter…Durian? Not so much.

Frozen and Chopped

Durian gets a bad rep because of it’s strong odor. It’s an odor off-putting enough to make it illegal to carry the fruit on public transportation in Signapore. Knowing that I decided I would try to ease myself into it by choosing the the frozen variety over the fresh (also way less hassle)- I promise it was still plenty strong.

Delicious Durian Sorbet

I’ve seen the smell described as “gym socks” and that’s surprisingly accurate, but there is also a sweetness to the odor. The taste and texture aren’t nearly ass off-putting, though my best description may not be so convincing. If you crossed a mango with a pineapple, then soaked it in onion-infused coconut milk, you might get something close. It’s milky, sweet, and a tad bit savory. I liked it, but I realize that might not make it very appealingeither.

Durian Sorbet, Chocolate Pro-Scream, Chocolate Chex

So if you can find it go ahead and play around, just make sure to wash anything it touches right away. That includes your yonanas maker (genius I know) and yourself. I quickly learned that eating something that smells like body odor is going to make your own awesomembarrassingly strong.

Grade: B-

Thanks to Chef Jeff Bonilla and Yao from Insert-food for their dish recommendations. My Durian Chocolate Crunch wasn’t nearly so refined, but it did taste good.

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1 Matt

honestly, your description sounds pretty delicious. they sell that at a few stands at the farmers market i go to saturdays. maybe ill pick one up since this is my last weekend in this apartment

2 James

Your flavor description isn’t too far off, and it’s probably the best way to describe it those that are unfamiliar with Southeast Asian fruits.

You really should try the fresh one sometime as preparing it from the fresh one is part of the experience. Just remember to bring a set of gloves and maybe a backup set in case also, or else your hands will smell of durian for a few days.

3 donuts4dinner

Have I mentioned that my roommate and I bought a Yonanas machine after reading your review? And durian IS on every street in Chinatown. And I already ate beef aorta this month, so this is the natural progression, right?

4 Julie

That actually sounds good. Thanks for writing about it! You’ve brave! I have seen that exact kind of frozen durian at the market before and one of these days, I’m going to buy it. Your review just made that day a little bit closer.

5 Rodzilla

Matt – Definitely a good weekend to do it, just leave an apology to the next tenants.

James – I will leave that to Su-Mei Yu http://bit.ly/KhgY3l

Katie – NO! But I’m glad you did. I was afraid yonanas was a product made by and for assholes. Example http://bit.ly/JYmN8l fast forward to ~5 minutes

I haven’t done aorta, color me jealous.

Julie – Glad you thought so, here’s to hoping it was an accurate one :D Looking forward to your review, I’m sure you will make something much better.

6 Chefprotoss

I’m guessing that insects are the logical progression for upcoming reviews haha

I hear opossums are supposed to taste awful too.

7 Spencer

I’m from SE Asia and grew up hating durian, although I’ve come to love it in recent years. I have a hard time seeing how anyone could describe the odor as smelling like gym socks or onions. It just smells like durian, damn it!

That said, I’d prolly say the same thing if I were a foreigner, lol.

8 Rodzilla

Chef – Not seeking out insects, but I’d eat them. I did hit a possum the other night….

Spencer – TASTES like onions, SMELLS like ass. But no, I see what you’re saying – hard to describe a more basic ingredient like a fresh fruit beyond that fruit itself.

Are you still in SE Asia?

9 Spencer

Nope. Came over to the US for college 4 years ago. Hopefully, I’ll never have to go back.

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