Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Shortcake Greek Frozen Yogurt

by Rodzilla on May 29, 2012 · 13 comments

For what it’s worth I prefer a sagittal cut, or would you say that one was more coronal? Either way, I had to do something to keep this review exciting…

Servings = 2

because like all new B&J offerings, this flavor has been covered ad nauseam. So consider this a meta-review of sorts, as everyone seems to be sharing similar sentiments (with tremendous variations in writing and photography skill*)

Expert Coronal Slice

The base is dense and creamy with a gentle Greek yogurt tartness giving a cheesecake vibe. The strawberry flavor is pleasant but mild even with the appreciable amount of real fruit pieces scattered throughout. The shortbread was what held this one back, they’re noticeable but boring, and don’t offer much by way of flavor or texture.

Next time I'm opening splitting up the pint with a firecracker.

Erin Jackson did the best job by likening it to B&Js normal Strawberry Cheesecake – not one of these¬†freezing assholes¬†strongest flavors, but anytime a lighter froGyo option is coming close to a premium offering they’re doing something right.If it randomly shows up in my freezer, I will gladly take a knife and spoon to it, but I’m not seeking this one out either.


My order: Blueberry Graham > Strawberry Shortcake > Raspberry Fudge > Banana PB

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1 Pavlov

Strawberry shortcake froyo is to dieting, what smoking is to good lung health…I mean really, what is the point. I can’t eat four or five spoonfuls of a pint and be satisfied. I don’t know a lot of people who can. I’m always so confident that I’m going to finish it, I throw the top away and have never had a panic attack afterward wondering how I was going to cover it back up, and would coffee grounds on the lid really affect the flavor that much?! Maybe they should stop going at this half assed and just start loading full “flavor” ingredients into the froyo and stop dicking around…they may actually be able to sell a few pints. Thanks for the writing Roddy…. you just inspired me to write a story…If you’re good… I add you into it… probably as some sort of pirate character…surrounded by…ellipsis…

2 Carly

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I don’t really like stuff in my frozen yogurt, which is probably why none of these look good to me. Frozen yogurt either tastes like yogurt (which is a positive, but as I’m anti-frozen fruit, I don’t think many toppings go with it) or it just tastes like shitty ice cream, in which case, well, you know.

The worst is anything chocolate in/on yogurt. Ugh.

3 Donna @ Cookistry

I never liked strawberry ice cream until I made my own. For one thing, I always hated the bits of strawberry – my brain knows it’s supposed to be there, but my mouth tells me I’ve just bitten into something that’s not supposed to be there. Other add-ins are fine, like nuts, but I just never liked the strawberries.

Fro-yo is okay, but I really prefer ice cream. And some fro-yo just isn’t worth bothering with.

4 Lot-O-Choc

love your cross section of the ice cream! Great shots!

I wasnt a huge fan of the ben n jerrys strawberry cheesecake ice cream; id still be interested to see what the greek fro you was like though.

5 Nick Rovo

I’m feeling like I need to cut up a pint for one of my On Second Scoop reviews now. I’ve actually yet to try any of the new greek froyos from B&J’s. Nothing really excites me enough to make room in my freezer for it. Eh I did see the little single serve cups so maybe I’ll grab one of those eventually.

6 Rodzilla

Pav – you lost me on the coffee grounds, but I’m looking forward to being a pirate.

Carly – I don’t think all frozen yogurt tastes like shitty ice cream,the consistency of this one is much closer to premium stuff. Give B&Js regular Phish Phood Froyo a try, it might sway you.

Donna – is it the same for all seeded fruit? I’m a lover of all types of frozen desserts, I don’t discriminate :D

Nat – Thanks much! Yeah, I wasn’t too keen on that one either. This is very similar.

Nick – and I’m feeling like that would be cramping my style. hard.

7 Nick Rovo

@Roddy I was only kidding, I’m not some hack that feels the need to copy others like some other bloggers I won’t mention. I’ll just keep my cutting of containers to portioning out stewart’s ice cream=]

8 Rodzilla

Nick, I knew you were, but I’m moving on to firecrackers anyway. Knives are getting boring.

9 Rosa

I’d call that an axial/transverse slice. If you could join forces with the Inside Inside guy to get structural MRIs of your pints, y’all would be unstoppable!

10 Matt

i think on a round container a coronal and sagittal section are pretty much the same thing.

either way, this one is definitely a transverse cut.

11 Bob

I thought the Banana PB was the best of them all (still have to try the Blueberry though) was not a major fan of the other 2 (Strawberry/Raspberry) . Good review as always.

12 Anna

I’d like to finish cutting that for you. If you keep going, you’ll have enough rounds to put between cookies and make frozen yogurt ice cream sandwiches.

13 Jeanna

Be careful with sharp knives & frozen objects. Since I mostly snack on plain Greek yogurt to make up for the copious amounts of sugar in the candy I review, this would probably reduce me to a puddle. Too bad they punted the cake, can mar the whole thing. As far as ice cream though, even though I rarely have it, I’ll stick with the local stuff from Babcock. Frozen insanity my friend.

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