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People tend to think I’m kidding when I say that I’m addicted to frozen yogurt. It’s not a joke. I figured out that I have been eating 20+ lbs a month and spending somewhere between $120-$150 dollars. You don’t have to tell me how repulsipressed¬†(tm) you are. So I picked up a Yonanas machine to see if it might help with my problem. New problem – I can’t stop playing with it.Listen, I was skeptical too. I’m not the type to pick up gimmicky as seen on TV products, but Yonanas has exceeded my expectations. So far it has taken all types of frozen fruit and turned them into a creamier soft-serve consistency than I would ever get with a blender. Click here to see the action.

Peaches with cinnamon

However, it isn’t perfect. The machine is loud enough to double as a desk-top wood chopper, and a good amount of the frozen yield tends to stick to the inner compartment. Still, that’s an easy scoop into the bowl, and clean up take all of 30 seconds. Ever clean a frozen yogurt machine? You don’t want to.

A few tips if you plan on picking one up – and I recommend that you do.
-Use very ripe bananas.
-let the frozen fruit sit out for a few minutes
-careful about stains when using berries

For the calorie conscious crowd Yonanas will be even more appealing. Values will vary by fruit, but consider this:
10 oz of my frozen peach Yonana dessert = 100 calories (Ingredients: just peaches)
10 oz of peach frozen yogurt at yogurt-land = 300 calories. (based on 83g serving size)

Grade: A

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1 Matt

sounds like this machine has the same issues as my cuisinart ice cream machine. however, it also sounds much easier!

2 Steve

“Repulsipressed.” Genius!

3 drfugawe

Nice post! 2 Questions:
1- How much does it cost?
2- Any suggestions from the maker on adding other ingredients, such as yogurt, etc.?

4 kirbie

I wasn’t interested in this machine until I read this post. I may have to add it to my wedding registry.

5 Rodzilla

Matt – I have that machine as well, I prefer this for simplicity. Though if you get their soft-serve machine, I’d like to hear about it.

Steve – thank you for noticing, I was quite proud of that one

DrFugawe – $50 at most places. Nothing about yogurt in the recipe book, but I’m guessing you could freeze it, then add it to the maker for a better consistency..I’ll try it out for you

Kirbie – unless you guys moved up the wedding date to tomorrow – that’s way too long to wait :P

6 donuts4dinner

I’m pretty sure I saw a commercial for this and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Because it has a stupid name.

A name that I will now be taking as my own, because this looks AMAZING.

I’m going to Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale’s tonight for frozen yogurt, I thought you’d like to know. People always say in reviews that the small size is big enough to feed three people, so I’ll be ordering a large.

7 Rodzilla

Katie – color me jelly, and you picked a perfect day I think their flavor rotation has landed on Peanut Butter. Will you be adding wheat germ? I’m intrigued.

8 RB

Yay! I was just rewarded free yogurt.

9 Matt Baird

Just curious,how long does it take to ‘process’ 2 bananas? And does a lot of bananas get left behind in the machine?

10 Rodzilla

RB – I don’t understand?

Matt – you push them down fairly quickly, I would break each banana in half. Probably looking at a minute or two, and a minute or two of scooping out the decent amount of banana excess left on the blade/funnel.

11 RB

Well, you started off your post by saying how much you spend on frozen yogurt. I would never do such a thing, but in any event I am going to be treated to frozen yogurt. All I had to do was use my intellect.

12 Pavlov

Ummm….in the mixed berries and protein powder one, could I out the protein powder with say….a bone in Ribeye?

13 Lisa

oooh! I saw this! But then I thought I was making fro-yo with my food processor why buy it? Altho peaches with cinnamon is tempting…

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