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by Rodzilla on April 10, 2012 · 46 comments

BEN & JERRY’S GIVEAWAY!! and reviews you probably won’t read.  You might remember a few reviews back I called the B&J team a rather crude name. Apparently I got their attention. They contacted me, they flattered me and…they tried to buy me out!

They offered to send along the rest of the greek yogurt line up with some swag to boot. I didn’t want it to appear as if I had made my initial remarks as a ploy for free Ben & Jerry’s..but I also didn’t want to turn down free Ben & Jerry’s. NahwhatI’msayin’? 

Slicing minis

So I decided it would be okay so long as they offered the same to a reader. They agreed. While waiting on my B&J coupons and the swag which never came (unless envelopes are swag these days). I found these mini’s for a dollar a piece.

Raspberry Fudge Chunk- Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt with Fudge Chunks

The raspberry fudge chunk wasn’t bad, just boring. I’m sure the fudge chunks are larger in the full size, but I still don’t think it would be all that appealing. I’ll stick to Graeter’s when I’m feeling like raspberry chip.

Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt with Peanut Buttery Swirls

The Banana peanut butter wasn’t too exciting either. JFG was spot on describing the base flavor as unripe banana and laffy-taffy-esq. I did like the peanut butter swirl. It reminded me of a salty natural peanut butter.

Grades: C

So honestly, not my favorites. But let’s be honest, most of you don’t care. I could say these gave me dysentery and would still get entries from first time readers. 2 ways to enter the giveaway – leave a separate comment  for each.

Winner: Donna @Cookistry !


1 Pam O

Favorite review has to be the Balut. Mainly because I had the link open in another tab and came back to it later on not knowing how I had gotten to it or what I was looking at O_O.

twitter: @pmocampo

2 kayla

tweeted! @malibusurf808

3 kayla

i really enjoyed the pictures in your Il Pizzaiolo review! i think i’ll have to hunt for good pizza for dinner tonight!

4 Pavlov

I love b&j ice cream… but have been unimpressed with their fro yo so free would be a good pricepoint for me. Thanks for the full disclosure my man!

5 Aarika

My favorite review is your Kirbie’s chocolate chip cookies review. I love those cookies and think that Ben & Jerry’s should make a flavor around them.

6 Donna @ Cookistry

Funny review … so glad you didn’t get dysentery ;-) @dbcurrie

7 Donna @ Cookistry

Hmmm… I’m going for the Biochem Greens and Whey. Mostly because I’m glad you tried it and I didn’t have to.

8 Santiago Cardona

The one with the big buff guy eating Levain Cookies.

9 Jack L

I really enjoyed the Top 10 Meals from 2011. Kaito Sushi, Urasawa, Notion? Food porn :v

10 Jack L

Tweeted as well! I actually loved BnJ’s froyo the one time I tried it…

11 Ashley S

I enjoyed your review on burger kings new onion rings. Makes me want to go out and try it…which I will next time I go!

12 jrdunn

love me some pb!

13 Sandra Simmons

I liked the sushi restaurant review but I also like that you cut the ice cream cartons in half!! That really makes me happy! haha!

14 Jenn

I remember liking the Frosted Toast Crunch review. Thanks for the giveaway!

15 amy marantino

followed and tweeted (@onitnaram)

16 amy marantino

my favorite is Kellogg’s Krave Cereal

17 Chuck

Yay great post! Glad you loved the ice cream so much!

Oh… wait I actually read the post, not just looked at pictures and the words “Giveaway”…

That’s funny they sent you stuff! Shoot, call me a sell out, but I’d accept it lol.

Take care broski- back to “Meals eating now” on for some enjoyment for me

18 Chuck

Also shamed to say I lived in Cincinnati and never went to a Graeter’s. Found any good ice cream in SD?

19 Marisa

Tweeted from @clearancefood and I’ll have to go with the lamb testicles post.

20 Tracy

The Kirbie’s cookies post craving cookies so bad I had to run to the store to get bread flour. The picture of the cookie in the post is probably the best decadent cookie picture ever!

21 Melissa

My favorite review is the Krave Cereal review. I haven’t seen these mini cups of the greek froyo anywhere, they’re so cute!!

22 Meg

My favorite review was definitely the sugar free Peep review…cracked me up AND made me wanna ralph all at once!

23 Nick Rovo

My favorite has to be your sugar free peeps review aha.

24 kirbie

I love ice cream. Even just C graded ice cream. I’m glad to hear the B&J people responded to your previous post! My favorite post is probably your Urasawa post.

25 kirbie

I even tweeted it. I think this may be the first time I’ve ever done that for a giveaway. @kirbiecravings

26 Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell

My favorite is still the spirulina ass powder.
&& I mostly just clicked over here because I wanted to see how calling out B&Js worked for you. The giveaway was just a bonus ;)

27 Amanda J.

First time reader coming over because of your Ben & Jerry’s giveaway ;) Tweet – @mssluna02!/mssluna02/status/190170135192027136

28 Max

My favorite non ice cream review of your was the balut just because how taboo it is. BTW I’m on so that should count as brownie points

29 donuts4dinner

Oh, my gosh, this post was already perfect, and then it involved Graeter’s. I am so your fangirl now. That’s my very favourite ice cream in my very favourite flavor (though Jeni’s corn ice cream is mighty fine, too, and can actually be purchased in my local grocery store, unlike Graeter’s, which I only get 6 times a year when I go home to Ohio).

I haven’t been a reader THAT long, as you know, but I think the thing that made me realize you’re doing something different and special here was this one:

30 donuts4dinner

I tweeted!


31 Elliepie

I tweeted, too.


32 Elliepie

Also, I’m not gonna lie. I’m a new reader. But thanks to @Ettible, I read this:

And it made me happy.


33 Heidi

It wasn’t technically a review, but your “When Cereal Gets Serious” post had me giggling for quite a while!

34 Valerie


35 spacemonkey1138

The chicken McNuggets post was kinda gross but funny. I loved those things as a kid. The nuggets, not the squashed chicks.

36 Jake Gibbs

Dearest Rodzilla, After reading your Blaut review, I suspect you didn’t like the B&J fare because it didn’t contain a chipmunk fetus. Respectfully, The Rodfather

37 Mason

Serious toss-up between Balut and your Top 10 of 2011, but the glorious food porn of your top ten won out. I actually found your site from the link to the Balut review on the MEN thread, but your other articles got me hooked. Keep up the good work, man.

38 LadyLuck

My favorite non ice cream post was the Viggo canned Octopus. It was so funny and unexpected. I really did not like the banana peanut butter yogurt though. Half of my single serving cup went in the trash.

39 nik

Your Twix Halloween Survey Results posts was cool…candy-related behavior is always fascinating and your B+ grade is spot on.

40 Dylan

Hmmmm, favorite blog post……can I say all of them for more +points?!?!?!? :)

But personally I enjoyed following your blog from the beginning, and watching as you changed your context a bit and really started to excel in the blogging world from the get-go. Your sight really took off when you got your new camera, not just by enhancing the images, but also enhanced your expertise and word choice.

Keep it up Rod.



41 Lindsey

My favorite non ice cream post was the one you did on Hershey’s Cookies N’ Cream candy bar. I still love me some white chocolate!

42 Tammy

following u on twitter @TammySigond

43 Tammy

enjoyed your sugar free peeps review…too funny

44 Sarah S.

Tweeted: miss_moneymaker

45 Matt

lol where did all these commenters come from?


46 Aya

retweeted @vegasandfood

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