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This is the only warning shot you’ll get. If you didn’t like century eggs or lambs testicles, you should close your eyes before reading any further…wait a minute, ok just get as far as you can.

Forced hatching

Really, for as much of an event as everyone makes it out to be they really aren’t that bad. I would actually say mine were good.
I’ve read the traditional way to eat balut is to crack the top and drink the juice. And so I did, I was ready for the worst but instead was met with a mild yolk flavor. – Good so far.

Looks more tired than dead

-The white is unsurprisingly like any egg white, save for one really hard piece at the top. I still ate that, prob my least favorite part- but not bad.
-The yolk, tastes like any other duck yolk, which is to say like most any yolk, which is to say awesome.

like really, really exhausted though

Then there’s the little fella himself. Kind of cute right? You can see he started to develop wings, and feet – you can see feathers but I didn’t notice them while eating.  The bones and beak were are so soft that there was only an ever so slight resistance if any at all. And the taste?

okay, borderline comatose

My favorite part. It’s not foie, but it’s savory, slightly gamey, and undeniably ducky.  Add a touch of gourmet finishing salts, and I can see why this is a delicacy in some parts of the world.

I did manage to pull some nutrition information, seems heavy, but considering you’re getting an entire duck with your egg – it’s not a bad deal!

okay, now he looks dead.

While I enjoyed these, I don’t think I’ll find myself craving them like I do century eggs…and I don’t think century balut is something even I want to try. My next go might be an omelet, or my roommates Easter basket. I’ll update accordingly.

Grade: B-

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1 Kim Valentine

Did you name him? He’s so cute! The last pic is a little disturbing though. ;p

2 Rodzilla

Yes. His name was Greg.

3 Adam

I’ve never screwed up the courage to try balut, but your post makes it sound not so bad. Probably the first post I’ve read about this delicacy thats really given me a good picture of what it might taste like. Thanks!

4 Pavlov

Greg got his S#!t F’ked UP!

Good on ya brother… I just know when to say when. I’ve eaten some funky things, but I just couldn’t get this one past the reflex I’m positive. Pretty much this and fermented shark fin…that’s my line and I’m sticking to it!


5 chefprotoss

As a personal rule, I try not to befriend my food. I’m glad to see Gregory Pluck was tasty though. I can see eating this soon.

6 Julie

I’m always curious about food like this. I don’t know if I’d ever have the balls to taste balut, especially after seeing the photos, but hey – I never claimed to be brave. Congratulations on making it through that meal, and awesome review.

7 kirbie

So brave..I’m sure I would enjoy the taste but I just can’t get over what they look like and I couldn’t bring myself to eat one.

8 James

Awesome! I’m glad you found it at the market and didn’t have to get it from the farm directly. How did you separate the white from the hatchling; was it just something you peeled off? What’s next on the Bizarre Food Bucket List?

9 Rodzilla

Adam – Thanks my man. I think the horror stories are coming from that people are getting overdeveloped embyros.

Pav – I saw Andrew Zimmern say that fermented shark fin was the most disgusting thing he’s ever eaten. I’m actually not looking for disgusting, just trying new things haha.

Chef – probably a good one, I could never be a pig farmer.

Julie – I think if you left the egg intact you could probably take it down much easier. You don’t see the duck at all that way – it just looks like a gross egg.

Kirbie – as above, and someone as adventerous as you would certainly be able :)

James – I really want to see if Kaz can get us tuna spinal fluid the next Kaito trip.

10 Chuck

That’s kind of cool but pretty disturbing… what if you cooked the duckling separately?

11 Jake Gibbs

Jaysus, Mary, and Patrick, Roddy, You ate a duck abortion. As your Irish great grandmother used to say to me, “What the fook is wrong with you, boyo?” As I write, I’m eating the ears off of the chocolate bunny your mother is sending you for Easter. Take that, you revolting asshat. Love, The Rodfather.

12 donuts4dinner


I have to tell you that you just grossed out aaaaaaaall of my co-workers, which really pleases me. They’re all like, “I’m so macho. Here are all the drugs I’ve done. Here are all the girls I’ve screwed. Here’s how huge my–arghhhehehehdhnfiunigokhkhiu! WHAT IS THAT?”

So, thanks.

13 caninecologne

Dude, great GRAPHIC post!!! I’m Filipina American and even I haven’t eaten one of these! I came close though…just smelled the egg after my friend cracked it open. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it! I think there was a really old episode of Fear Factor where the contestants had to eat balut. I remember laughing and thinking that my dad and my uncles would totally win that challenge!

14 Andrew

That’s pretty gnarly.

15 Rodzilla

Chuck, I did that – it was even better.

Dad – I know you only commented so people buy your quit whoring on my site. Or I”ll spam the shit out of

Katie – hahaha, thank you for letting me know. I do my best. If you thought oysters were tough…

Andrew – indeed, but worth it.

16 Derek Wanner

Hats off Rodzilla. You’ve succeeded where many others have failed ingloriously…

Foreigners vs Balut – Super Edit

17 Erin

Damn, those are some detailed photos. Thanks for showing me exactly what balut looks like. I don’t think I could ever eat one, but I’ve been curious.

p.s. your dad is awesome.

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