Century Eggs

by Rodzilla on March 1, 2012 · 20 comments

Man, do I love 99 Ranch Market. Every time I visit I find another item I’ve been wanting to try. These century eggs (preserved duck eggs, thousand-year eggs, millennium eggs) had been on the top of my to-try list for some time, and how couldn’t they be? Just look at how striking that jet black white is, and that’s before I cut in…


Cool shit just got cooler. They look like the anti-egg, and smell like sulfur. Century eggs are just about everything Western Palates are taught not to eat, but passing them up would be a mistake (at least save them for me).

Once taken apart, you can see that the white actually has a translucent brownish-amber color. It takes on the texture of a firm jello, but despite the color, it offers little by way of taste. There is maybe a hint of tea from the brine, but the real flavor comes from the yolk.

Doneness may vary

Duck egg yolks are much more sizable than those of chickens; that’s already awesome, but especially here. The texture will vary with the length of brine, but even the harder yolks have a creamier consistency. I’ve seen the flavor described as pungent, earthy, and obviously salty. I agree with all of that and will add addicting.

Pre-portioned snacks

Can anyone explain the significance of the flute and the ox?

I suppose I could make my own, but I don’t feel like taking the time. It’s not quite as lengthy a process as the name(s) would imply, but when a half dozen is only $2.69,  I’m fine with a bit of a convenience charge.

Grade: A+
next up, I’m making these guys take me to find Balut (skip googling if you’re squeamish).

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1 James

If you slice them into sectors and add some soft tofu with cilantro, soy, and spicy sesame oil, it makes a killer tofu salad/appetizer.

2 Adam

I love pretty much all foods, and I’ll try almost anything once, including this if the opportunity arose. Although I think I would have to make it a group effort, granted knowing my friends, I’d still be the only one eating it :).

3 Chuck

If it really doesn’t have any taste, how can it be an A+? Looks really cool though!

4 Britt

Gah, I’d skip the Balut if I were you. My sister’s boyfriend will literally eat ANYTHING and be at least OK with it, but he tried Balut and not only couldn’t finish it but had to throw up. He says it is the most awful thing he has ever eaten.

5 Marisa

Damn Rodzilla, you got (lamb) balls. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the balut trip.

6 Chefprotoss

Balut…oh dear… I’ll try just about anything but that doesn’t mean I’m not apprehensive about it. Do you ever have to argue with your brain that it’s just food or are you as fearless as your posts imply? =)

7 Spencer

Interesting. I wasn’t terribly impressed when I tried it. Just meh. I’m pretty sure it’s because I love runny eggs too much :p

8 Rodzilla

Adam – I really don’t think this one tastes as exotic as it looks, chances are you would like it!

Chuck – you know how I know you skim when you read?

Britt – thanks for the warning, but I’m too curious..and not afraid to vomit.

Marisa – haha thanks

Chef – I want to be honest with you, I’m 100% fearless of everything in the world, I’ve never lost at anything, and it’s physically impossible for me to cry.

nah, balut definitely gives me some pause…but everything else I’ve covered to this point hasn’t even made me think twice.

Spence – I know you can get them with runnier yolks as well, I’ll probably give those a shot next time.

9 Rosa

They’re pretty good either cooked into congee with some pork or covered in soy sauce and eaten with congee. I find them too pungent to eat on their own without some starch to dilute the flavor.

10 Chuck

Damnit, I really actually read this through fully. I guess I just missed a couple sentences. I’m not a skimmer, I swear!

11 donuts4dinner

I’m so glad you’re adventurous so I don’t have to be. The white is actually really beautiful, but I’m afraid that’s as far as my appreciation goes.

One of my friends recently told me (rather embarrassed) that she was raised craving balut like normal kids crave ice cream. So charming. Can’t wait for that post!

12 Steve

You are a better man than I. Don’t think I could’ve pulled the trigger on those. They look amazing though.

13 Danny

oooh balut is next?!?

did you ever see this thing on truehoop?


14 GiGi Eats Celebrities

I’d suck down one of those…………….. hmmm…. I may vomit after wards though.


15 Pavlov

Love these as long as I don’t catch the aroma of the yolks while stuffing them in my pie hole…you should also do tea stained quail eggs… very tasty. Good luck on the Balut my friend… I was not a fan.

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