Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Vanilla Graham

by Rodzilla on March 15, 2012 · 24 comments

Based off of my past reviews of Ben & Jerry’s, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I think they make some pretty fine products. What may come as a surprise is that I also think they’re a bunch of assholes, or at least their marketing department. I’m serious. I’ve covered their line-up pretty extensively, yet while other reviewers have been invited to release parties, sent products, and even flown to the factory..I don’t think I’ve even gotten a twitter mention.

However, even assholes can come up with some great things (believe me, I’ve been an asshole all of my life ), so when I saw the announcement for this new line of froGyo, I knew I would still try it despite acting all butt-hurt. 

expert yogurt cutting

So everyone’s question seems to be whether or not this stuff is tangy – kind of. Maybe a bit more than the Oikos I recently tried, but taken as a whole it was still rather mild.

The blueberry base tastes like most artificial blueberry yogurt flavors (a flavor I like). While the vanilla seemed to be what brought the mild tang, but it was more of cheesecake vibe than one of Greek yogurt.

The graham cracker swirl is there, it’s tasty, but I could have used more of it.  Chunks of actual blueberries would have bumped this one up a few points as well.

nutrition + ingredients

Just to be clear, I didn’t take a knife to the pint to show my anger. It was more of a means of portion control, and I believe my new preferred serving style. So while my 400 cal half pint serving size isn’t the lightest of frozen fare, I think B&J found a middle ground where lighter doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

the mess I made

So while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t anything special. I would eat it again, but it won’t be a routine purchase. I’m now curious enough to try the other varieties, but not with any sense of urgency. So you did alright with this one Ben & Jerry’s. Assholes.


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1 Erin

oh good, glad to see the frozen yogurt is available (been waiting for weeks!).

2 kirbie

I saw the announcement about the frozen yogurts and have been curious. So glad you reviewed it. Maybe the PR people will read this review and make it up to you.

3 James

You sound like a bit of a critic this time ;)

4 Rodzilla

Erin – I’d be interested to get your thoughts.

Kirbie – ha, I’m not too worried about it. It’s decent, but I have to weigh everything against soft-serve froyo…that’s a hard one to beat.

James – I think you’re kidding, but please understand the difference between me not ever, ever, ever wanting to be a restaurant critic and being critical of a mass produced food item.

5 Chuck

What jerks. Glad you like the ice cream. Your reviews like that always give me a good laugh!

Later on bro

6 Tony

A B- feels about right. I like your portion control style; I am going to have to try it next time.

7 Rodzilla

Chuck – haha, thanks my man.

Tony – sorry broski it’s been trademarked. We would have to set up some sort of agreement where you pay royalties in ice cream. If you’re still interested, have your people call me.

8 Pavlov

You mean you’re not supposed to eat the whole thing?! I hate going to Ben and Jerry’s HQ… they give out samples as if they had hundred dollar bills wrapped around them. So I’m not shocked you aren’t getting any love Roddy… Nice piece and right on the money my friend!

9 Will

I wanted to review their quasi-racist Linsanity flavor a couple weeks ago for Serious Eats (it had fortune cookies, which offended some people) when it was temporarily available at the shop near my house, but they pulled it after a couple days and a billion media mentions. I’ve heard tell that they’ve got some kind of “marriage equality” flavor in the UK, apple pie and graham cracker, which somehow supports gay marriage. Their marketing is strange, and opportunistic.

Nice word, ‘Zilla.

10 ibagoalie

You MUST try the banana peanut butter….awesome!

11 Nick Rovo

So I’m not the only one who cuts up ice cream containers for portion control. I do that with the stewart’s half gallons exclusive flavors and just ask to have 4 of their pint containers to make my own pints. Yes, star gazer light I’m talking about you.

12 Rodzilla

Pav – lol, your local B&J must have the worst free scoop day ever. I’ve never actually been to one of those, I think I’d end up paying twice the amount of a cone just to skip that line.

Will – I would have loved to read that! I wanted a national release though – it sounded great. I really didn’t understand the “racist” backlash. I doubt anyone would be up in arms if they made a whiskey and potato flavored ice cream for an Irish athlete.

IbaGoalie – that one is next, I wasn’t a huge fan of Chunky Monkey so I’m wondering what they can do with that.

Nick – Thanks to my family originally being from upstate NY, I know exactly the place you’re talking about. Cut up containers for portion control – make your own sundae when you’re feeling indulgent ;)

13 Nick Rovo

Rod- Stewart’s in themselves are just a glorious oddity. This blog has kinda died but if you put “stewart’s” it the search bar it’ll come up with some of the things that makes stewart’s an unique experience If you’re ever up in the Albany area a sundae is on me=]

14 sophia

Great review– I’ve been curious about this, but not curious enough to buy one because come on! Nothing beats pure, fatty ice cream! I always thought Ben & Jerrys (the owners) were kinda hippie, so I’m surprised they followed the trend.

15 Sara

Where did you find this stuff?? Ive been scouring my usual stores and just assumed it hasnt made its way to us yet….. I really want to try the PB banana!

16 Chefprotoss

I seriously loled at the cutting the carton in half like a sandwich. Awesome post dude.

17 donuts4dinner

This has been in my convenience store for weeks now, and I keep thinking I’m going to try it, but I already eat Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. It’s not a treat; it’s healthy. I’m still intrigued by that graham cracker, though.

Thanks for admitting to your butt-hurt-ness. It makes me feel better about my own.

18 Lot-O-Choc

Love your cross section of it haha! Looks awesome!! Its a shame they dont recognise the amount of reviews youve done for them, it hurts when companies are like that..especially when it seems like everyone else is getting invited along!

19 frank furter

thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice and cutting the carton in half, it made my morning absolutely splendid

20 Nicole

I agree with your review 100%. I thought it tasted a lot like the tang you get from cheesecake, not FroYo. It’s okay, but I won’t buy it again if I have other choices. I think the strawberry shortcake Greek would be better.

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