When Cereal Gets Serious

by Rodzilla on January 18, 2012 · 16 comments

Someone’s a pro…and it isn’t me.The latest comment on my Cinnamon Churros review:

Author: StreetStangTiffani 

Ya know what. You gave it a C, I give you a F. This cereal rocks. You might like square cereal but I love churros. I went crazy when I found out that they made a cereal of churros. It was like heaven in a box. I have bought alot of stuff for churros and this cereal comes so close to buying one from a stand. Add hot milk, I love it. We even tried putting them in the oven to heat then up and stuff. Basically, If you love churros you will love this cereal. The box may say compare it to another brand. BUT compare it to a hot fresh churro ! Not some other brand, think out side the box (square). Yeah, like someone already said, they do kind of look like a mutated cheerio. I use them as alot of things but mainly breakfast and as a snack. They are great for kids (deff. not babies), bite size pieces. In 1 cup there is only 130 Calories. Which, when looking at a cereal most of them (not all) say a 3/4 cup. The box is half in English and half in Spanish, which I find very cool. You learn new things every day. On one side there is Q & A’s about churros. I love the history of the churro, which is on the back of the box. I give them an A.


Thank you. I don’t know how my personal tastes could be so wrong. I used to fancy myself a cereal connoisseur among the likes of Adam and Leandra (both of whom love Churros). I now see just how wrong I was.

It’s pretty obvious that YOU should be the one reviewing cereals. Your mammoth block paragraph, fantastic punctuation, and especially the flowing transitions between each (excellent) point you make.

How would you like to guest review on my site? I could use a few more examples of how someone with correct personal preferences gauges the merits of a $3 box of cereal.

I’m super-cereal-serious about this one.

Let me know,

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1 Lisa

oh danggg, now I HAVE to try this cereal. Im an avid churro fan <3 :)

2 Lot-O-Choc

Haha, we can’t even get this cereal in the UK so im afraid I cannot give my personal preference on this one :P

3 jperonto

I love this site :)

4 Chefprotoss

I like how she throws in “not for babies”. Safety first…

5 Adam

She’s right. Just like that I’m right that chocolate mini wheats little bites is better than chocolate chex.

6 Erick

Adam, take that back right now.

7 Rodzilla

It loves you too

8 Rodzilla

That you are sure that they is?

9 Kevin

She’s so serious that she felt the need to make up a new word (alot) and to use it not once, but twice.

10 Rodzilla

It’s the type of shit only a pro thinks about. Baby safety, learning a second language before becoming proficient at a first, and history lessons explaining the bastardization of Spanish food culture specialty.

11 Bob

Roddy any chance of reviewing:
Frosted Toast Crunch
Multi-Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios
Deluce De Luche Cheerios

12 sherm


13 Heidi

I’m with Bob. You need to get on that PB Cheerios review right away! I love the stuff and I’m pretty darn sure that if you don’t like it, you should just stop doing cereal reviews altogether! Seriously.. no, not really.
On a side note, how is “deff.” (2 F’s) short for definitely? I think she might bet studying too many cereal boxes and too few textbooks.

14 donuts4dinner

I know I’m supposed to make fun of her, but I loved “The box may say compare it to another brand. BUT compare it to a hot fresh churro!” too much.

I’m with Bob, but mostly because those cereals will neeeeever make it to NYC.

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