Stonyfield Oikos Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt

by Rodzilla on January 13, 2012 · 18 comments

The majority of you asked for more product reviews – I listened.

You may have noticed I didn’t ask about increased posting frequency. So your best bet is to check back multiple times  a day, every day. I can’t guarantee when I’ll update,  only that when I do I’ll have nicer pictures and better content than all the other guys. Well, except for these guys, but I digress.

Frozen Greek Yogurt, who wouldn’t be curious?

Nutrition and Ingredients

I was first impressed by the consistency. Greek yogurt is creamier than traditional yogurt due to the straining process.  This stonyfields frozen blueberry oikos was denser than most light ice creams at 85g per half cup, and again, incredibly creamy for being fat free. There are a few stabilizers in the ingredient list but it avoided being gummy like so many frozen dairy desserts.

Single Serving

Single Serving

I also really liked the flavor,  it tasted exactly like a mixed-up fruit on the bottom yogurt. The traditional greek yogurt tang was completely absent, and I was fine with that. The only thing that could have made this better would be a swirl or something for texture, but hey, I’ve got cereal man – lots of it.

I finished the pint in a day, and I’ll likely do the same with the remaining flavors. Good stuff Stonyfield, you’ve earned yourself a regular spot in my freezer.

Grade: A-

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1 IndianapolisEater

Good review, although I take offense to be called low rent!

2 Katie

I’ve really wanted to try this for a while, but I cannot find it anywhere near me. It really fits the true definition of a frozen dairy dessert though.

And Rod, really, you could have plugged yourself so much better there. Like, telling people that in order to get the most updates from you, they should subscribe via e-mail/reader/feedburner and following you on Twitter, etc.
Kidding, of course. But you’re always on my reader :)

3 tony

Wow, I’ve been yearning for some frozen Greek yogurt. If only the protein was a little higher on this.

4 Chuck

Nice review- it sounds good, but without fat? Would fat improve this, or does the product just need to be 0%? Like, would fat not fit in this?

5 Chefprotoss

I prefer nonfat plain yogurt. Nothing but tang. If only I could get plain frozen yogurt… Hmm…I have some googling to do.

6 Dubba

Cool, I’ve been seeing this at Whole Foods but was afraid to try it, now I won’t be!

7 Matt

chuck, i think the main reason it uses 0% fat yogurt is due to curb appeal on the label. most people buying frozen yogurt are more likely doing it because its a lower-fat alternative to ice cream to begin with, so if they can achieve good consistency without the fat, why add it? i know that even Jeni’s Ice cream in Columbus uses a reduced-fat yogurt over full-fat in her fro-yos, and if there is a person who’s opinion i trust in frozen treats, its jeni’s!

8 Kim Valentine

Will look out for this next time I’m grocery shopping!

9 Nick Rovo

I’ve been looking around for these since I heard them come out. No luck yet but a grocery store near me now has a house brand of pints of frozen greek yogurt that involves black raspberry so hopefully it’s as good as these.

10 Lot-O-Choc

Love the look of this stuff! Greek yoghurt is so good!

11 Lisa

hmm looks good. I like the cookies and cream fro yo they have. so good :)

12 Rodzilla

Indy – Missed where I called you low-rent

Katie – lol, I’ll definitely go harder on the self promotion next time and thanks! You’re
my go to for whole-food esq recommendations.

Tony – I thought it was kind of odd that they added whey concentrate when the whey is usually filtered out of greek yogurt. Have you ever tried melting ice cream, adding in protein powder and refreezing? It’s good man.

Chuck – I don’t know, I think fat free is likely a draw for consumers like Matt mentioned. I didn’t miss it.

Dubba, Nick – definitely worth seeking out. I’m excited to try the other flavors.

Kim- It’s grocery store greatness, but not better than self serve froyo

Lisa – I’ll have to try their regular frozen yogurt now, I’m curious about the difference in consistency

13 Nick Rovo

I contacted them and the only place that carries them is whole foods at the moment and there are none of those around where I live so I’ll just have to try out my local grocery chains kind. I just looked at the nutritionals and noticed theirs does have fat so I wonder how much of a difference that will make.

14 Sean

I’d be very interested to know what you think of the other flavors when you try them out, especially the chocolate. I saw these in Whole Foods and noted that all of the flavors were “standard” for their normal Greek Yogurt line except for the chocolate. This, of course, made me immediately question what the quality of said flavor would actually be like…

15 Pavlov

I would prefer it if it did have that yogurt tang… but what do I know!

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