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Foie + Short Rib*Please take a minute to sign this petition to keep foie legal in Califiornia*

It’s fitting that one of my last big family outings before leaving for San Diego would be a visit to Spoon. Aside from the restaurant being one that I always recommend, Chef/Proprietor Brian Pekarcik actually spent a good bit of time in San Diego himself. After a few more moves around the country Chef P eventually made it back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, and the city should be very happy that he did.

Outstanding Bread Service

Best bread service in Pittsburgh

I’m more than confident in that caption. Spoon’s bread service is  the best I’ve had. Anywhere. I’ve mentioned my preference for the cream cheese and chive biscuits before, but the buttery corn bread with whole kernels and a touch of dill is a very close second.

Ricotta Cheese Mousse

Ricotta Cheese Mousse - grilled country bread, eggplant + mushroom ragout, roasted red pepper coulis, truffle vinaigrette

Lobster Cake

Lobster Cake - beet, roquefort blue, citrus salad

Day Boat Scallops

Day Boat Scallops - olive + pork belly pearl pasta

There were quite a few dishes passed around over the course of the evening, and I enjoyed everything I tried. A citrus salad was used to lighten a pork belly pearl pasta with the scallops dish, and again to contrast a pungent roquefort blue with the lobster cakes.

Miso Glazed Black Cod

Miso Black Cod - shrimp pot stickers, bok choy

Chicken + Gnocchi

Chicken + Gnocchi - leg + breast with ricotta gnocchi

Spoon Burger

Spoon Burger - 8 oz. Kobe beef, aged white cheddar, parmesan + herb fries, challah bun

All of the proteins were cooked expertly. Black cod would flake off effortlessly with the accompanying miso spoon. The chicken was even more tender than I had remembered, and the grilled Kobe burger was a true medium-rare.

Foie + Short Rib

Foie + Short Rib - celery root puree, foie butter

The only disappointment of the evening wasn’t a fault of the kitchen at all, rather my sister’s fiance who chose not to top his Kobe burger with foie. Bad move. I only know this given how great my own supplemental foie appetizer was.  A perfectly seared lobe of foie topped a piece of short rib that was nearly falling apart. I’m positive this dish would turn any misguided activist if they would only take a bite. Highlight of my night.

Spoon Duo

Spoon Duo - Bailey’s coco bar, milk chocolate nougat frozen mousse, semi-sweet chocolate pudding


Pear - poached pears, ginger ice cream, rochers, sour cherry chutney

I’m not sure who is currently in charge of the dessert menu at Spoon (last I heard was Krista Owens) but whoever was in charge during our visit did a fine job. I felt the pear offering was a great way to close out the meal with the lighter fruit notes and gentle spice from the ginger.

All in all, another awesome visit to Spoon. Easily the tops on my list of higher-end (but approachable) places around Pittsburgh, and one I’m sure to visit when I’m in the area.
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1 Steve

Looks amazing. Great photos. Not what I needed to see at 11 pm as this slice of peanut buttered bread suddenly looks a lot less appetizing.

2 Chuck

Dessert. Whoa.

3 Chefprotoss

As a giant liberal, it drives me insane when other libs fight for the wrong cause. So the fatty liver of a duck or goose that lived like a king should be banned, but the millions of chickens that never see the light of day, are sick, and taste like ass will still be on grocery store shelves? At least my fellow libs get more complicated issues like campain finance reform correct. Sheesh.

4 Nicole

Good luck in San Diego – lucky! We’re planning to vacation there later this year. We’ll miss your Pittsburgh posts but look forward to the SD posts.

5 Spencer

Petitioned signed.

I really like the way they’ve plated the savory dishes, especially that ricotta dish. Can’t say the same about the desserts though, lol.

6 Rodzilla

Appreciated my man. Ha presentation on the Spoon Duo left a bit to be desired, but it was partly my camera work – I should have gotten a better shot of the pear.

7 Rodzilla

Thanks so much! I’m sure you have your itinerary planned, but your husband would absolutely love Kaito in Encinitas, please let me know when you’re coming out!

8 Rodzilla

lol agreed. Gavage isn’t exactly on par with eating Ortolan. Regardless of party, their are much, much more important issues that need attention.

9 Rodzilla

haha thanks man, would have been better with a storm trooper though.

10 James

The foie looks awesome. For the chicken entree, that portion is massive compared to the others. I wonder what the reasoning is on that.

11 Rodzilla

James, that was my mistake for not mentioning. The lobster, foie, and cod were apps – the scallops and chicken were entrees. The burger came with some great fries.

12 Matt

I’m signin the foie petition because I think banning it is ridiculous, but i also think that foie itself is a problem in kitchens across the country. foie and truffles may be the two most abused ingredients in restaurants in existence. add them to a dish and you get to increase the dish price 10-20 bucks and do very little extra work. plus, they for the most part dont require much extra skill for people to think a dish with truffle or foie on it is something EXTRA special…. just because it has foie or truffle on it

13 Marisa

I’m always jealous of your fancy-schmancy meals Rodzilla :(

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