Kellogg’s Krave Cereal

by Rodzilla on January 1, 2012 · 45 comments

I won’t claim to be the best product reviewer (a title equivalent to being the tallest midget or most handsome woman). I don’t post on any set schedule, I’m rarely first on the scene, and I only get creepy emails from one commenter – they aren’t even that frequent. However, every once in awhile I’ll luck out. I’ll find something new and noteworthy before the rest of the pack. Could Krave cereal be one of those products? Let’s find out.

Single Serving

Krave was first released in the UK, where they have a few more varieties. I’m not sure why it took the US branch of Kellogg’s so long to follow suit. “Crispy multi-grain cereal outside, smooth chocolate inside” sounds like a guaranteed hit, right? Right.

The pieces are slightly larger than say Cap’n Crunch, but the “crispy” exterior is much more forgiving to the roof of your mouth. The multi-grain shell gives more of a brown-sugar flavor than just a generic sweetness. Good so far.

Not exactly loaded

Then there’s the “smooth chocolate inside”.  The inner chocolate is smooth, with a Milano like consistency…there just isn’t very much of it. Still, when a few pieces are eaten together the chocolate flavor builds – and it’s good, really good.

Even though there is no mention of hazelnut (the UK still has that advantage) I still thought these had a slight nutella-esq flavor. I’ll be curious to hear if anyone else tastes something similar.

For the counters

In terms of nutrition, I’m fairly impressed. There are no hydrogenated oils, and they even advertise the use of real chocolate. With only 120 calories per serving, it might be a nice dessert option for the New Year diet crowd – that’s onlyif they can keep from taking down the box.

There’s also a double chocolate variety that I’ll have to try soon enough, but these ones have definitely earned a place in the regular rotation.

Grade: A- 

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1 Adam

Nice review and thanks for the heads up. I saw the Double Chocolate in stores the other day but didn’t pull the trigger (4.49 a box? That’s highway robbery.) I’ll be getting this for sure.

2 Marvo

Just picked this up today at Target. Didn’t see the Double Chocolate, but I did find Cinnamon Almond Raisin Bran, along with a couple other new cereals. I won’t be reviewing it (Jasper called dibs on it first), but I wanted to try it.

3 Chuck

I thought I’d seen this before (the UK version)… however, any Cap’n Crunch impostor that doesn’t abruptly shred my mouth to pieces does not deserve in a place in my cereal bowl. I would consider it dry though.

4 Jim

Good review. I wonder if you will get he same competition we got in th UK

5 Bob

Damn A-, I better go grab some. Good stuff Roddy

6 Lisa

hmm sound pretty good! little sugary but not bad!! :)

7 Rodzilla

Thanks Adam, looking forward to your thoughts – you’re one of my go-tos for cereal. Will it be a GG review or the option pitch?

8 Rodzilla

Well Jasper doesn’t comment here, so his opinion has been rendered moot. What did you think of them?

9 Rodzilla

Thanks Jim, sorry I forgot to link. Looks like I was a bit more of a fan, I wonder how you would feel about the US version.

10 Rodzilla

I wouldn’t call it a Cap’n impostor. The pieces are just a similar size. You can always add glass if you really want to tear up your mouth.

11 Rodzilla

Food for thought – an apple with the equivalent calories has twice as much sugar.

12 Adam (thebakersnuts)

Thanks for leaving a comment over at my neck of the woods :). And yes OoT for the win :).
Great review, next time my brother takes a trip to the states I’m going to have to get him to pick up a box. And I love the fact that the first time I come here you’re reviewing cereal. I am cereal fiend, who would happily eat it for nearly every meal. We’ve got a new fruit filled Special K coming out up here soon, but we probably won’t see anything with chocolate for another decade :). I can’t even get unfrosted Poptarts.

13 Lot-O-Choc

Glad you like them! Its the first time Ive actually seen a cereal that has been out here first make its way over to the world of US reviewing! They’ve changed the packaging for you guys! Hope you get the other flavours soon :)

14 the candy fan

Ah, cereal with filling. I saw Chocolatey Filled Cereal Bites at Trader Joe’s more recently, but my heart belongs to Hidden Treasures.

15 cereal lover

I am a cereal fanatic, and I can honestly say this is the first box of cereal I tossed out after eating half a bowl. Terrible terrible stuff! Normally, I can eat a box of cereal even if I don’t like it so much, but I just couldn’t stomach anything past a few spoonfuls.

16 Walter Bellhaven

They made this cereal back in circa 1976. They were filled with chocalate,strawberry or vanilla frosting. Mothers’ were already displeased with the plethora of sugared cereals but when this came out,they went on the warpath. I do believe it was the cereal that started the kids’ cereal backlash and caused “Super Sugar Crisp” to change its’ name.

17 Erick

This stuff is downright terrible compared to the UK Version. Track some down Rod, you won’t regret it.

18 Steve Owens

This guy is smoking crack. I tried the Chocolate Krave this morning and could barely put it down. It is the worst tasting stuff I have ever eaten. How can they even think this is good?

I have never had a breakfast cereal I didn’t like before. But Krave is definitely revolting.

19 Hikari

It doesn’t taste bad at all to me! I love it! I liked it so much that I thought I should really send a comment to the people who my it. This is now my favorite cereal

20 Maria

I’m from Spain, and one of the major grocery chains there carries something very similar to this. They’re called Jumblies, and they’ve existed for over a decade. It’s a french grocery chain, so I’d say it’s existed in France for at least that long too, and perhaps in the rest of Europe too. When I go back to Spain every summer to visit my family, this cereal is one of the things I look forward to, and funny enough, I saw it at Walmart yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes! I grabbed 3 boxes for $1 each (are they not doing that well or what?) with the intention to go back for many more if I liked them. Today, I got to try them, and while the amount of chocolate inside and perhaps even the quality of the chocolate is not as generous, they’re pretty delicious! In fact, the more I eat, the more chocolaty they taste! I’m definitely going back to Walmart and you should all do the same and buy more of this cereal. We can’t let it disappear after it finally made it here!! :)

21 Dot

I just bought the Double Chocolate the other day at Wal-Mart and I think it taste good! I haven’t tried it in milk. I like to eat it dry while watching TV. It’s very good. Not too sweet and it doesn’t have all that sugar sprinkled all over the outside like some cereals I’ve tried.

22 Ctopher

I tried these with a coupon for $0.99 a box, and like other reviewers, I ate one bowl and had to choke it down. I would consider myself a cereal lover, and like just about everything from shredded wheat to captain crunch. But I’ll be throwing the rest of this garbage away.

23 Mr. Fed Up

Great review. But I can believe this is actually a cereal…I mean soon it will be the norm to buy a bag of M&M’s add some milk and call it breakfast.

I think I am going to have to pass on this one, its just over the top.

24 Samantha

I’m relieved to see comments from cereal lover and Steve Owens. I’m a cereal and chocolate lover and this stuff is awful. I’m going to trash the rest of the box. It tastes stale, without a hint of chocolate!

25 NA

Hi! Today I went out and bought a box of Kellogg’s Krave cereal–I have to admit, I was not a big fan of it. I think the complete opposite of you–there was not enough chocolate in it. I prefer eating mine dry, a couple of cereal pieces at a time. Unless I stuff a good mouth full in my mouth, it’s not that great (flavorful wise).

Also, it might be me (or the box I bought), but the cereal consistency reminded me of chewing on styrofoam. :-[

Overall, I’m extremely disappointed. I love their Kellogg’s Special K Chocolatey delight cereal. If you want a chocolately snack, go for that.

26 Rita

I don’t know what these people who think it’s terrible were eating, but I thought it was delicious. For the first time ever, I had a second bowl.

27 The Rock

Just tried the Double Chocolate Krave. This stuff is like Captain Crunch on Chocolate Steroids. What a way to start your morning. Lots of sugar and chocolate. The American Way. Gods, Guns and Uncle Ted

28 Ted Day

120 calories per serving would be ok if the average bowl didn’t consist of about 3 or 4 servings and your average hungry child’s bowl of 5 or 6, and also silly levels of salt and saturated fat. The last box I checked was about 250g claimed to contain 30 servings which was completely disingenuous.

29 Golden Bunny

The box looked nice, but when I brought it home and snacked on it, I was a little disappointed. The outside wasn’t as crunchy as I have expected, so it’s a little wheat-y in the after taste, It’s the kind of cereal that I would buy and finish in half a year or more and wouldn’t consider buying another box.

30 Megg G

I hate this cereal. I ate 3 boxes of it in 3 days. 1 box a day. I hate it, it’s too good tasting. I’m never buying this cereal again.

31 Lilly

megg g. loooove your comment. My boyfriend and i discovered it a month ago and haven’t missed eating a bowl of it in 1 day. Krave is the perfect name for it. I’m like, “Krave, i love you so much i hate you.” All you Krave haters, stop being cereal killers:)

32 tony

all i can say is YUCK!!!! taste better as a finger food or snack horrible with milk.

33 Shannon

I would have to agree to disagree with you. This cereal,as a whole,is awful. The taste is mediocre at best. The texture is bleh. The worst part about this cereal is that if you don’t eat it the whole bowl within a minute of pouring milk on it,it then turns to mush. It’s quite disgusting.

34 Joanie

Krave is great!!! NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!! Almost no junkie sugars!!! I always look 5, or more, grams of fiber; less than 3 grams of fat. Grams of sugar is very important and must be a single digit. This cereal is close enough to be eaten as dessert treat!!!!!!!!!

35 Krave hater

This is the most DISGUSTING cereal I’ve ever tasted! What is wrong with you people? I threw this crap in the garbage after half a bowl. No wonder 1/3 of America is obese if this is what they are stuffing into their pie hole!

36 Craig

I’ve never written anything on the Internet about anything, but Oh My God!! Double Chocolate Krave is like the crack cocaine of cereal. Quite possibly the most addictive thing I have ever experienced. I can’t stop eating it, polishing off an average of a box a day. Everything about it is good. The taste, the texture, the way that it holds up in milk. The way that it calls to me, late a night, whispering “Craig,” come eat me. All that I can think of at night is when can I eat some more Krave. Then I realize that I am almost out. How am I going to get more? More. More. More. If you haven’t tried this cereal yet, please do so. And after you are hooked, let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Craig

37 julzarella

Krave a good cereal its got me hooked

38 Tammy

I can’t believe there are people out there who hate this cereal! I’m weird and don’t like soggy cereal, so I never pour my milk in my cereal — I always have a glass of milk on the side. This is amazing to eat that way! I absolutely LOVE the texture and the taste!

I agree with The Candy Fan about Hidden Treasures, too. It was a favorite of mine when I was a child, and I wish they’d bring it back.

39 Amanda

This is one of the most disgusting cereals I’ve ever tasted. The outside turns to mush in about 30 seconds. The combo of mush, chocolate, and milk hitting my mouth made me want to puke. I honestly think I’m going to ask Kellogg’s for my money back.

40 Cass

This is an awful cereal. I disliked this cereal so much I had to write a review and see what other people thought. I love cereal and literally cannot think of a single brand that I dislike more than Kellogg’s Krave. It is the worst cereal I have ever had as far as I can remember and I am very shocked at the number of positive reviews on it. Kellogg’s really let me down with this one.

41 Mike

I’ve been eating the double-chocolate Krave, and it is definitely a contender for the best chocolate cereal. If you don’t like this, guess what? You don’t like chocolate.

42 Kate

I got a box of this stuff and it was gone in 2 1/2 days. I don’t even like cereal or eat it very often but this stuff looked interesting. I got two boxes this week, just in case. If the UK version is better, I would like to get my hands on some of that stuff!

43 TMichelle

I thought that this cereal was totally disgusting as well! Generally I LOVE cereal & this has been only one(out of two) that I have ever hated!

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