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by Rodzilla on January 22, 2012 · 14 comments

I’m leaving Pittsburgh for San Diego on the first of February. I know, I’d be jealous too. The only thing that kind of sucks about moving is that I’m going to miss a few big openings around town. For instance, I’ve got this $40 dollar gift card to Union Pig & Chicken that I won’t be able to use. Sure I could give it to friends or family, but I would much prefer to watch people come out of the woodwork to win free stuff (kidding..kind of).

2 ways to enter:
1. Retweet:
I want the goodbye #Pittsburgh @union_PGH giftcard from @RodzillaReviews

2. leave a post telling me why you would like the gift card (fan of Salt of The Earth? BBQ? Starving?)

Winner will be randomly selected Friday January 27th from eligible entries  - make sure to leave a proper email (kept private) with your comment.

Winner drawn from 14 total comments, #12 Rashann! Please make sure to check back and tell us how everything was! 


1 Adam

I would like to win because I need an excuse to go see a Penguins game and I’d rather not eat an overpriced hot dog in the arena. Also because I’ll be your best friend forever.

2 Quelcy

Esteemed Rodzilla,

If I win, I’ll wear an orange neckerchief AND bring a dinosaur to the dinner table. I’ll take lots of pictures, so you’ll feel as though you actually enjoyed the gift card. I’ll also be less bitter about you leaving for a warmer place. Additionally, this gift card would really help me not to crave Meat & Potatoes for one night (and maybe one night only). And if I really have to dig deep, I’ll throw out the term “care package” for the win! In conclusion, thanks in advance!

Ever so humbly,

ps: I’m really competitive, so I’m trying really hard to resist trash talking here. I can’t promise anything if a lot more people respond.

3 Brian I

I’d like to win it so Steve and I could split it on a sweet weekend bro date.

4 Emily

I’d like to win it so that I could potentially witness your sister eating marrow!! Or maybe save it for a long overdue dinner with you?

Think I’d settle for a Roddy visit to Pittsburgh prior to your leaving, especially considering I haven’t seen you since before the last time you left!! :(

5 Chuck

I’d love to try it but it would go unused in Tampa like it would with you in San Diego.

What’s taking you out to San Diego anyways? …Can I come? Lol

6 SarahB

I’d love to win the gift card so that I can eat my feelings about a great Pittsburgh blogger leaving the city. What blogs am I going to read great local food reviews now?

7 kirbie

Normally I find goodbye’s so sad. But in this case, I’m excited to hear you are coming back to SD!

8 Sharon

Rodzilla, I would like to win the gift card because just like you I am relocating only I am coming to live in Pittsburgh! I am leaving NY and think that this gift card would help to soften the blow of leaving all of my friends and family behind to start my new life with my husband to be here! Have a safe trip to SD!

9 Aarika

I’m trying to be brave enough to move from a small town in Ohio to Pittsburgh and I feel this bravery would be easier if I just eat at all the delicious places there and then I will have to live there.

10 donuts4dinner

You’re . . . leaving?! And it’s not to come to NYC?! WTF, Roddy? I thought we were gonna be in this together.

I tweeted!

11 donuts4dinner

And as I mentioned in my tweet, I’d love to win to give the card to my friend Cassie, whom I visited over Christmas break and who showed me all around Pittsburgh for the approximately three hours I was there and who made me fall in love with it. She’s a loyal reader of my foodblog but has 87,000 kids and does all of the cooking herself, so I’d love to be able to send her out for a fancy-schmancy dinner.

12 Rashann

Hello, I would like to win the gift card because I am a college student and can barely afford to feed myself as it is. To make matters worse, I end up browsing your website from time to time, which in turn only makes me hungrier; a hunger that $1′s worth of frozen chicken nuggets cannot satisfy. I even get depressed sometimes as I force down my disgusting frozen goods after being shown pictures of such delicious looking things; so if anything this gift card could be compensation for said depression.

Oh, and I also have a girlfriend whom I can never take out to eat (because I am so poor) and, like most women, bases “how much I love her” on “how much I spend on her”. With this gift card I could give her the illusion that I am buying her a nice meal, which may help me get lucky in the long run.

13 Chris

I am a huge fan of Chef Sousa’s . Now he is taking on a Bbq joint and a hot dog spot I sm in . Thsnk you for the oppurtunity . This is a prize for sure !

14 Damaris

I want to win because I like to pretend that I am eating Dinosaurs in BBQ sauce!!!

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