Frosted Toast Crunch from Tiffani

by Rodzilla on January 20, 2012 · 20 comments

So here is my quick review of the new Frosted Toast Crunch. They have the same sugary dusting and light crisp texture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but with a restrained sweetness that lets more of the toasted rice/grain flavor comes through.  I really didn’t taste any “light touches of cinnamon” but that was fine by me. The vanilla frosting flavor (think frosted cheerios) makes for a more versatile mixing cereal.

Overall I really liked them, but who really cares what I think about cereal? I asked a true pro to weigh in on the latest from the cereal aisle. Here is what StreetStangTiffani had to say.

Not toast

Not toast

U no wat Rodzilla? WRONG again. I love toast. I know all kinds of toast. I heard about jelly on toast. butter on toast. some people even put Texas on toast. BUT frosted on toast?! Thats cake.

Nutritention Factnalysis

The pieces are stupposed to be square and thats boring. Some of them are rectangles because the baker man on the box is lazy and can’t cut right. Maybe he should use a knife instead of a frosting spatula. A serving is only 120 calories and thats a good snack for me and other kids, but not babies (Babies shouldn’t have cake unless its their Birthday). A serving is only 3/4 cup though but somehow it weighs almost as much as a whole cup of churros. It must be pound cake or something.

Learning games

 The back of the box is the best part. Its a challenging vocabularic activity to make you smarter while you eat brekfast. I practiced my hardest and I can say all 3 of them 10 times fast. I bet you can’t do that Rodzilla. U suck.

StreetStangTiffani Grade: B- 

Thanks again for the review Tiffani. I probably would have given them a B or B+ myself, but you’re the pro.

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1 Quelcy

If you haven’t already, you should really do a food day in the life of your diningsaur habits from corn syrupy breakfast cereals by morning to fancy shmancy boeuf tartare by night and candy bars and fitness routines in between. I’m not sure which dinosaur sounds most like Juxtaposition, but I’d riff off that.

2 sherm

My dude, you are going straight to hell. But this shit is fucking hilarious. LOL

3 lynn @ the actor's diet

why would they bother adding ANY cinnamon flavor? shouldn’t they NOT compete with their own product?

god i want some cinnamon toast right now!

4 Rodzilla

That one confused me as well – I’m actually glad I couldn’t taste it, otherwise I would have framed it as second rate CTC.

5 Rodzilla

haha thanks my man

6 Rodzilla

haha I’d be happy to if there were enough interest.

7 Chuck

I think we need to revisit the toast subject… what about a “strawberry jelly and butter flavored” toast crunch, or “peanut butter and honey” toast crunch… now THAT’S something I think I would try.

8 Bob

Nice, good review, now I may have to go grab a box. Thanks Roddy

9 Jeremy

Dear Rodzilla,

I like the fact that you allowed a “TRUE” cereal expert to weigh in.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the approach you have taken to this entire episode.

I hope, however, that this episode has not ended, and is the beginning of more “SERIOUS” reviews.


10 Adam (thebakersnuts)

I’m so confused, I love my country, I can get Shreddies here (my favourite cereal), but it takes sooo long for new cereals to come out :). *sigh* And I really like the idea of a “toast crunch” that’s a little lighter on the sweet.

11 Rodzilla

Not to worry, I’ll be resuming my normal “amateur” reviewing ;)

12 kirbie

There is never a dull moment in your posts. =)

13 Lisa

ouch, diss at the end of the post. I happen to enjoy your reviews, “pro” or not.
but I wont be buying these, dont need any extra sugar floating through my veins haha

14 Echo710

“Babies shouldn’t have cake unless its their Birthday”…

I’m sure this means that I am pure evil, but I laughed my a** off at this entry… great review!

(Oh, wait… I should probably apologize to Tiffani for laughing at such a serious issue as this… yeah, I guess I *am* evil.) :)

15 Lot-O-Choc

These look intriguing..a bit like frosted shreddies that we get in the UK.

16 Katie

Oh my god, this is priceless, She seems like the REAL expert here. Can she give you her opinion on things other than cereal too? I bet she’d give Marmite an A++.

I love reading your “amateur” reviews though Rod. And I’d be interested in seeing a day of your eats, as mentioned in the comments.

Like, how I’m still waiting on that recipe for Protein Pudding ;)

17 Chefprotoss

Lol at the back of the box.

I think you are having a flame war with a middle schooler there Roddy.

18 Mary

Those baker mans are so very lazy.

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