Tropical Caveman Cookies

by Rodzilla on December 19, 2011 · 8 comments

Caveman Cookie Packaging

Caveman cookies are a company making several varieties of all natural, gluten free cookies that fit with Paleo diet principles.  I don’t personally follow this type of nutritional regimen, but I do like the short ingredient lists, great packaging design, and I’m always up for trying cookies.

Caveman Cookie Nutrition

All natural ingredients, admirable nutritional facts

A pack of 12 cookies goes for around $12. That struck me as a little steep given that each cookie is only 1/2 an oz, and looks like something that could be whipped up by your favorite crunchy granola gal pal in an afternoon.  Still, I recognize they’re a smaller company using quality ingredients which come at a cost.

Despite the smaller size, they were relatively filling. The indiviual wrapping is needed to keep the cookies from sticking together, and it makes it easier to finish the package gradually, rather than feasting in true caveman fashion.

Caveman Cookie Tropical Bite

The bite

These were the tropical variety, and  for a tropical flavor, I’d say they nailed it. They were sticky and sweet (very sweet) from the honey, while the almond meal, coconut shreds, and macadamia bits gave a dense and chewy homemade-health bar texture.

I would definitely try the other varieties, especially if I could find them locally. Given the price, I think the online purchase would be more appealing to the paleo crowd, but if you’re  just a fan of smaller companies using quality ingredients these are worth a shot.

Grade: B

and in case any of you we’re planning on making that joke about Rodzilla eating Caveman cookies, I hope you know that stuff  about caveman eating dinosaurs is nonsense.

Real life cave-bro

I’ve known this one for years and he’s never tried to eat me.

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1 Chuck

Yum! I just made a similar “paleo energy cookies” lol. Got any leftovers?

2 Lisa

12 dollars?!?! yummy or not, too pricy for me! I have expensive nut butters to buy ;)

3 Lily

Is that caveman single and on the market? He’s really hot.

4 James

For $12, I feel like they better be some amazing cookies to even get a B…

5 Kim Valentine

Looks like an apple cinnamon powerbar. Sounds tasty but a bit too steep for little packaged cookies.

6 Rodzilla

Chuck – I think I mentioned finishing the bag in there somewhere

Lily – Sorry, but he captured a beautiful non-cave wife some time ago.

Lisa, James, Kim – Heard. The price is a definite limiting factor.

7 Jess

I tried these at the Fancy Food Show last year when they were relegated to the “new and potentially dying products” area and I liked them. I’m glad to see they’re still around, I’m a sucker for adorable packaging and good cookies.

8 Matt

the good news is, they give you all the ingredients and they are all really easy to find. should be able to make your own caveman cookies pretty easily i’d say

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