Biochem Greens & Whey

by Rodzilla on December 4, 2011 · 13 comments

Greens & Whey Package

A lot of people cringe when they hear protein powder. There’s a certain stigma surrounding supplemental protein, as there is with most products dubbed “health foods” that they must taste bad.

Well take it from a guy that has tried as many protein powders as he has ice creams that there are actually a slue of great tasting, dessert-esq protein shakes on the market. Biochem Greens & Whey…not one of them.

Greens & Whey Pudding

Appetizing right?

The picture above was taken after I mixed the packet with skim milk and sugar-free pudding mix. I did try the powder on its own before realizing that if I was going to take this down, I needed to at least try to make it taste better…no dice. All that did was give a thicker consistency to accompany the taste of vanilla, seaweed, and an over-reaching element of ass.

Greens & Whey Nutrition

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

I’m not kidding, that 1 gram proprietary blend was potent as all hell. I think the Hawaiian Spirulina (algae) was mostly responsible for the taste. It’s what I imagine eating a big bowl of algae might taste like, after someone had had use it as an ass scrub. It also had the looks to match.

It would take much more than the $3 dollars this costs for me to try it again. I tried everything to make it more palatable – it ruined everything it touched. “Healthy” green blends don’t seem so healthy when the taste makes you sick.

Grade: F+

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1 Jess

Spirulina Green is…people?! Ah, so that’s what’s in that proprietary blend. :)

2 Katie

Spirulina is what they put in Spiru-tein, right? Almost every flavor of spirutein taste like ass. What a coincidence! Add to that the seaweed. This reminds me of Sunwarrior’s Ormus Greens. That stuff is even grosser.

3 Michelle

Since you have tried a bunch of protein powders I was wondering which ones you think taste the best? A friend of mine gave me some Nectar protein powders to try and I thought they all tasted like liquid vitamins.

4 Matt

that looks disgusting. plus the company is named after one of my least favorite classes ever. no thanks.

5 Rodzilla

Not a fan of the nectar myself , or most ion-exchange whey isolates. They usually try to be fruity but have some gummy mouthfeel and weird aftertaste. I’m also careful to only go with trusted companies – the supplement industry is rather shady and I only like to support a few places.

Xtreme Formulations Ultrapeptide 2.0 is honestly on par with dessert, especially the Lemon Creme Pie and Cinnabon flavors.
Another solid choice is trunutrition trutein – a blend of whey, egg, and micellar casein

6 Chuck

That ish looks gross

7 IndianapolisEater

You were being generous with an F+. I think I would have given that a F-.

8 donuts4dinner

I need some lemon creme pie protein powder in my life. Now.

I’ve been using a brand for a while that tastes awesome but seems to have absolutely no nutritional content. Have you ever tried anything that’s as nutritionally sound as, say, Carnation Instant Breakfast but without the carbs?

9 Rodzilla

Check out Labrada Lean Body for Her – also has a micronutrient blend of vitamins/minerals but much better macronutrient content (more protein, less carbs, more fiber)

10 sherm

You ever try Syntha-6 protein? It’s definitely the best tasting (esp. the chocolate) IMO. Oh, and not to be a dick, but it’s “slew,” not “slue.”

11 Rodzilla

I have Sherm, and while it is tasty I don’t think it’s the best I’ve had. The other two I mentioned have a better taste and ingredient blend IMO. Further, I’m never a fan of proprietary blends a la endorush

and “slue” is an alternative spelling, though slew is likely more common. Compromise SLOO

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