Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

by Rodzilla on November 4, 2011 · 19 comments

According to the Holy Trio of Legitimate Information (twitter/wiki/google) November 4th is National Candy Day. I would have thought that such a day was already covered 5 days ago, but hey, I don’t make the rules. I’m also not about to complain about additional incentives to eat candy. So today I have another “classic” review of Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar.

The Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar is seriously underrated. I can’t think of another mass produced white-chocolate/confection that isn’t a special/limited edition, or hard to find. The bar is made up of white confection (vegetable oils in place of cocoa butter) and studded with the equivalent of oreo cookie bits.
Sweet? Yes. Really, really sweet. Its white ‘chocolate’ and that’s to be expected.
Cloying? Probably. This is mass produced candy..don’t be such a snob.
Throat Searing? No. I see this term thrown around way too often. Chile peppers, alcohol, and acid sear throats – not sugar.








Like so many mass produced confections, the one aspect I really take issue with is the use of hydrogenated oils. I like the bar enough to pick it up from time to time, but I would be much more likely to do so if they made that slight amendment to the ingredient list.

Grade: B- are you a fan?

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1 Jess

Yes, shamelessly. This is my absolute favorite treat to eat when I feel like I’m not properly fighting my diet.

2 Tony

Dunno, it used to be one of my favorites as a teenager, but I think I now prefer the Hershey’s air delight chocolate bar for my go to candy bar.

3 Nick Rovo

I haven’t had one of these bars in years but I was a fan. Now next time I’m out getting groceries I’ll probably pick one up.

4 Lauren McStay

They had these with the 101 dalmatian characters imprinted onto the tops instead of the Hershey’s logos when the live-action movie with Glenn Close first came out!

5 Marisa

I once traded my entire lunch in elementary school for one of these. Totally worth it.

6 Smile

@Marisa: That sounds like the best lunch trade ever, haha!

Am I a fan of these bars? You bet! I know that poor white chocolate is often bashed for being “too sweet”, but there’s something about the Hershey’s CnC bar that gets it just right. And I completely agree with you on the whole “throat searing” aspect. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who finds it silly when people associate that with sweets.

Speaking of sweets, have you had the Hershey’s CnC Drops? Of the two, I prefer the bar because I like snapping off the little chocolate bricks (hey, what can I say? I’m easily amused =P ), but the Drops are very tasty as well!

7 Britt

One of my all-time favourites. I can totally overlook the crap in the ingredients because the taste will get me every time…

8 Spencer

I used to love these as a kid, especially the small cookies n’ creme kisses. I can’t really stomach Hershey’s products anymore though; most of them have a really weird non-chocolatey taste.

9 Katie

I find it is only the bits of cookies that frees this bar from that ridiculously sweet taste. Hydrogenated oils and all- I still love it. And always will.

I was kind of confused when I first started seeing the term “throat-searing”. How does sugar sear one’s throat? I know chocolate makes me um, phlemgy because of the fats, but I wouldn’t call that throat searing….

10 Rodzilla

Jess – no shame in that. I mixed this in with cereal because it wasn’t sugary enough.

Tony – I haven’t had the air delight yet, wasn’t a huge fan of Aero’s though.

Nick – It’s overlooked far too often. Hopefully it’s as good as you remember.

Lauren – Impressive memory. Movies and candy later? http://cheezburger.com/View/1104154880

Marissa – completely agreed. I miss the art of the lunch trade.

Smile – I haven’t had the drops yet, but I may grab a bag. I’m a fan of snapping the bricks as well, but the discs could be fun.

Britt – same. I could care less that it’s “confection” I just don’t like transfats.

Spence – a lot of the bars have changed to mockolate over the years, maybe that has something to do with it.

Katie – I love the texture the cookie bits add as well. It’s almost like a nestle crunch doppleganger. I think it’s probably the sugar that is giving you the thick saliva – or you just have some wierd mucus issues :)

11 Perpetualmotion

I’d probably turn to this over a lot of other candy bars (which isn’t saying much) but I’d probably pick other white chocolate ones (Cadbury’s Buttons and Dream come to mind) over Cookies’n'Cream.

If we were in a higher price range, I’d much rather buy Coconut by Lindt and White Chocolate Vanilla Bean by Godiva, but, alas, they’re $4 a pop.

12 Lisa

lol thats soo dumb that national candy day would be a few days after everyone has already eaten too much candy on halloween.. -__- whatever. like you said, we dont make the rules (but who DOES, really?!!)
I am a fan of this bar, i havent had it in years for the issue as you with the ingredients, but…im a sucker for white chocolate. I cant say I’d deny a piece if you offered :P

13 the candy fan

Yes. Say it loud, say it proud. The Nestle Alpine White (RIP) was my favorite candy bar when I was little. The addition of little chocolate cookie nubs just makes it better. I don’t eat this very often, but I should.

14 Jon Yuhas


15 Brenda

Funny because it’s my first time visiting your blog & I looked back at the entries and suddenly I craved these candy bars…then I saw you reviewed them!

Haha site you have! Will be coming more often :P

Best wishes!

16 brittany

love it !

17 JJ John

@ Lauren McStay

I also remember the 101 dalmatians wrap for the bar. It was my fav bar back then.

18 Milly

Mmmm……. I’m eating one right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh this is soooo tasty!! ^.^
Hersheys are the BEST!!!

19 jane

it is such an awesome sweet treat, who ever does not like this bar then you are CRAZY!!!!!!!

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