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by Rodzilla on November 9, 2011 · 6 comments

Did you ever watch  the MasterChef series on Fox? It’s cool, I didn’t either. I had no idea who Sharone Hakman was until I was contacted by the friendly people at Duo PR:

” …Since his appearance on MasterChef, Sharone has been called upon to cook for some of the entertainment world’s hottest celebrities and the food world’s biggest influencers including the Kardashians, Michelle Monaghan, Vivica A. Fox, Gordon Ramsey and Cat Cora, to name a few.

Sharone would love the chance to cook for you so you can sample his new Hak’s BBQ Sauce. He’s happy to meet you at a convenient location, or we’d love to host you at the Gourmet Experience – we can arrange for a complimentary pass to the show…”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That is some serious name dropping. Add Rodzilla to that list and you’re pretty much the next Thomas Keller. Unfortunately, Sharone was going to be in San Diego and I had already returned to the Pittsburgh area.  A few of my friends were able to attend the event, I settled for a bottle of Hak’s bbq sauce

My own gourmet experience.

So while my friends were having hand-crafted sliders from Sharone himself, I opted to try the sauce on an old stand by. The chargrilled chicken oool wrap from Chick-fil-A. Needles to say it’s much better than the standard corn-syrup laden fast food condiment, but those are free. The all natural ingredients in Hak’s will run you $8 a bottle.

Hak Smear Test

The sauce is relatively thick with actual pieces of dried chili pepper throughout. The initial sweetness from the molasses and brown sugar comes with a lingering heat from the chiles. There is a definite kick to the sauce, I actually started to sweat a bit as a result of the spice. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but may prove too much for those who are sensitive to heat.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

The one issue I had with the sauce was being told that I need it. Sorry Sharone, but until you’ve added Maslow to your celebrity clientele I don’t see BBQ sauce being added to the hierarchy. I liked it, and I can appreciate the quality, but I’m not enough of a bbq aficionado to pay the $8 mail order price.

Grade: B-

What about you guys, are there any specialty items that you need to have?

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1 Jess

Maslow…well played!

I think Ms. Kardashian’s wedding ring is the only item I want to eat. Did you know that her wedding could pay for the average yearly college tuition of one student for 2,388 years? Scary shit, man.

2 Chuck

The thickness of the sauce looks ideal. And that wrap looks great!

3 kirbie

Oh how funny, my post went up on this today also. I agree with you, the sauce has a nice kick but might be too spicy for some. I like it, but the price is a little hefty. It comes in a nice glass bottle, but I think they should lower the price.

4 Chefprotoss

Guess what I’m never buying…

Then again, I don’t think I have ever purchased bbq sauce in my adult life, so I wouldn’t have bought it anyway. I am in the wrong demo for this. I do like baked beans though… Why am I still typing?

5 James

I still haven’t tried the sauce from the bottle yet. I’m guessing I won’t get around to this until next year.

I do think a grade of B- is pretty harsh from something you ostensibly seemed to enjoy. You did identify that it wasn’t the same as the other cheap sauces that are thickened using corn starch….

6 Rodzilla

Jess – Good thing it doesn’t take most kids that long to finish, but she could have put around 584 kids through school.

Chuck – it’s a nice viscosity, and Chick-fil-A rarely disappoints me.

Kirbie – awesome, added your review. And agreed I’ve seen similar quality sauces for half as much.

Chef – Given the choice between killer baked beans and BBQ sauce, I believe I would chose the former as well. Now I want potato salad. Damnit.

James – It was decent sauce, and I can appreciate the quality – but I’ve had just as good or better for less than half the price see: http://bit.ly/fWrt0a

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