Enstrom Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee…and a giveaway

by Rodzilla on November 25, 2011 · 43 comments

Enstrom Almond Toffee MountainAfter seeing my comment on ZOMG Candy’s favorable review, some nice folks representing Enstrom Candies asked if I would like to sample their Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee. These are the good things that happen to people who comment.

Even better, they generously offered to send an additional 1lb sample to one of my lucky readers.  This is a good thing that will happen for someone who comments.

Enstrom Almond Toffee in package

1lb box

Chances are a good number of you are going to skip over the actual review just to see what is needed to be entered into the contest. That’s cool, jack-ass. I’m still going to talk about what I like about this toffee, besides the fact that it was free.

Enstrom Almond Toffee Components

Nut Shot

Cheaper toffee might leave you reaching for water, and with chipped teeth. Enstrom’s is not cheap.

    • The inner most toffee is firm but breaks cleanly, and wont get stuck in your teeth. It’s sweet, but a strong butter component and whole California almonds keep it far from saccharine.
    • A smooth melting milk chocolate layer covers the toffee. There’s no percentage listed, but it’s rich and on the deeper end of things.
    • Topping it all off is a dusting of pulverized almonds. These are a bit messy, but worth it for the enhanced almond flavor.
Enstrom Almond Toffee Nutrition

Nutrition - not too shabby

At $19.99 for a 1lb box, it seems to fall in line with other premium candies. Again, it isn’t cheap, but just consider how much your saving on a trip to the dentist’s office. If you or someone you know is a toffee fan, I’d recommend you make the purchase enter my giveaway! 

Grade: B+

2 ways to enter, leave a separate comment for each.  Don’t forget to fill out the Email field so that I can contact you. 

  1. Follow me on twitter and tweet “I entered the @RodzillaReviews Enstrom Giveaway” (make sure to leave your twitter name)
  2. Leave a comment about your worst candy induced injury (chipped teeth, stuck in nostrils, etc.)
    Winner will be chosen randomly next Tuesday, November 29th. 

    Contest Closed - Winner Darlene


1 Kathy Eyre
2 Kathy Eyre

Two chipped teeth on the same piece of candy!

3 amy marantino

not exactly an injury, but certainly expensive: at the time when i had braces on my teeth, Now and Laters were all the rage in my school. I broke my braces at least five times with those candies.

4 IndianapolisEater

Funny to see this review up here today. My uncle just brought a truckload of this stuff to Thanksgiving yesterday and my family just inhaled it. That said, they like it a lot more than I do. Still, I give it about the same letter grade as you. It’s very good, but not “A” worthy.

Although, it’s not really an injury, per se, my worst candy induced problem is that I had to have all of my molars filled prior to my eighth birthday because I liked candy a bit too much as a child. LOL.

5 Rosa

I think it would be great if I got free toffee from commenting here, and we got into an endless comment cycle that yielded loads and loads of free toffee.

No need to enter me in your giveaway, fwiw.

6 Marisa

I always end up biting my lips and the insides of my cheeks when I eat gum, taffy or anything chewy. That or Warheads always dissolve the inside of my mouth.

7 Donna @ Cookistry
8 Donna @ Cookistry

Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever had a candy-related injury. Probably the worst would be getting something hard and sticky in a tooth and trying to casually get it unstuck.

9 Jennifer

I once lost a tooth to the chewy nougat of a Milky Way. I was eight years old and it was a loose baby tooth, so I’m not sure it counts as an injury, but I want some free toffee so we’ll go with it, mk?

10 Kathy

The worst candy-induced injury I’ve had is burns from hot sugar while *making* candy! Talk about pain.

11 Jess

That looks freaking incredible, definitely something worth chipping a tooth on. That being said, my worst injury was an injury to my pride. I went fifteen years without a single cavity and then had four all at once after a salted peanut brittle binge. Totally worth it. :)

12 Another Jess

If I could figure out how to consume milk duds without busting a bracket off my braces (geez, alliteration much?) as a kid, I’m pretty sure I could handle even cheap toffee without damaging my (properly aligned) teeth. Oddly enough, I’ve had more issues with floss getting stuck in my back molars,

13 Nicholas

Wosrt candy-induced injury? I used to be fat. That’s bad right?

14 PlasticJ

Oddly enough, my worst candy induced injury had nothing to do with eating it. When I was 14 years old and in high school, I ran a small, undercover candy bar selling operation during recesses and lunch. I was essentially walking around with 50+ chocolate bars in my backpack at all times, and my friends knew this. During one class, I went to the washroom and my friend stole a bar out of my bag. When I came back, I demanded that he pay for it or give it back, and he was genuinely upset with me for not letting him keep it. Instead of handing it to me, he threw it at me from half-way across the room, catching me in the eye with the corner of the bar. To this day, my right eye still twitches at the sight of chocolate bars.

15 Kevin

Eating penis-shaped gummies left a permanent scar on my psyche and masculinity.

16 Ryan

Right away the clearest memory from 1st grade pops up for me; I had a black warhead in my pocket (the most sour of all the flavors) and I was at one end of the blacktop playing with my friends. It was recess and I tore open the pack and popped the candy in my mouth. My mouth instantly puckered up and the flavor was way too strong for me. Not having any trash cans nearby and knowing it was against the rules to spit our food out on the playground I took off running towards the school buildings. Although the playground was probably small looking back now, it felt like the longest run ever. Right before I made it to a trash can to spit the warhead out I tripped and took a nasty spill scraping my right knee up pretty bad that I can actually still see the scar. Between the pain of my knee and the burning in my mouth, it wasn’t the best day for me.

17 Chuck

I follow you on Twitter!

18 Chuck

And I don’t know if this counts, but I made a shake one time and while trying to finish off what was in the blender, I chipped a front tooth… Kind funny actually

19 SL

Back when I had braces, ripped several of the brackets out on some homemade lollipops that hadn’t quite set yet…yikes! D-:

20 imgovtdrone

Sugar Babies and braces. Not pretty. Parents and orthodontist were very mad at me because this was the 3rd time I had done this. But I loved Sugar Babies so much.

21 imgovtdrone
22 Wehaf

I had my mouth stuck shut while eating a Sugar Daddy.

23 Marlo

My worst candy injury would have to be when I fell asleep with some type of white chocolate bar in the bed and it melted all over me. I hadn’t tried it yet and when I woke up it turns out I was allergic to something in the bar itself and has broken out everywhere the candy had melted and touched. It was not the best way to greet the morning.

24 Lisa

I swallowed a Spree and almost choked during the movie Harry and the Hendersons when I was little. They should definitely warn little girls that the crazy half-human tied to the roof of the car is still alive and will flop down on the windshield and scare the bejeesus out of her!

25 Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell

Lost one of my sealant caps to a milk dud once. It was very awkward explaining to my lunch friends why plastic just popped out of my teeth…

26 Melissa

Jawbreaker practically broke my jaw, as I was a stubborn, impatient child.
Also: Almost inhaling multiple hard candies. Those things are dangerous!

27 Santiago Cardona

Falling asleep with gum in your mouth is not a good idea. Especially when you have long hair as a child.

28 Elisabeth

I follow you on twitter @egood33 and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/140907904927678466

29 Elisabeth

I was eating an airhead once and it took out my filling!

30 kim

Trying to melt chocolate in a pot, but overburnt everything. Pot was discarded.

31 Barry

I bit my tongue so hard eating a Snicker’s bar 2 years ago, I should’ve gotten stitches..

32 Aarika

I once had two fillings get torn from my mouth with one bite of a Rice Krispie treat. Bad day, bad day.

33 Carrie

When i was much smaller, I had a pretty serious addiction to those giant chewy sweet tarts. I would eat so many of them that every couple of days the roof of my mouth would be raw and it would be horribly painful to eat or drink anything for at least a week. But do you think it made me stop eating the giant chewy sweet tarts? Nope.

34 Claire

Candy-induced injury? I don’t think I’ve had one! The worst I’ve done is suck on too many hard candies and completely tore up my mouth. However, I had a pretty serious run in with a pumpkin in the 5th grade. It was Friday the 13th, and I was running to tell my younger sister. Little did I know, a pumpkin was in the middle of the hallway. Not only did I stub my toe, my toenail shaved a little piece of the pumpkin off and got stuck underneath my toenail. HORRIBLY BLOODY PAIN! I had to take it out with a tweezers. My toenail fell off (and luckily regrew) a few weeks later. It was painful.

35 Darlene

I’m entering because I have this habit of looking at the first ingredient of any candy and it isn’t sugar or some hydrogenated oil, it’s pretty much a quality product in my mind. And I love almonds.

As for candy injury? I’ve been lucky in my life to have cavity-free teeth but pre-permenant teeth, my brother knocked out my front tooth WITH HIS HEAD. Now that was not fun.

36 Darlene

I follow you on twitter @darleneeats and tweeted:


37 Mary

I don’t think I’ve ever really had any candy induced injuries. I’m sure I’ve accidentally snorted things I shouldn’t have. I also avoid milk duds since the caramel sticks to my teeth and I spend a good, long while trying to get the caramel back out. The end.

38 Mary
39 Jonathan

I will never forget when a bee stung me on the lip while I was eating a fruit roll up on the playground in Kindergarten. Fruit Roll Ups count as candy, right?

40 ruffy

i just bit the inside of my cheek while eating some m&ms. WTF!

41 Libby

I would eat a certain type of sucker when I was young and it would always cut my tongue, but I still kept eating them.

42 Karee

Got a “Tootsie Pop Drop” lodged in my throat once and almost choked to death.

43 Susie D.

Oh dear… did I miss my chance?

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