A+ Grading Criteria

by Rodzilla on November 19, 2011 · 12 comments

Coconut Milk Cookie Dough One of the most important factors in my decision to give a product an A+…

Purely Decadent Love

Purely Decadent Love

Repeat Purchases.
With no froyo in the immediate vicinity, I’ve gone back to another frozen friend – Turtle Mountain’s Coconut Milk Cookie Dough. I’ve already reviewed it, and spoke about my willingness to pay the a few extra dollars for a favorite treat.

The cost is a bit harder to take when you’re averaging around 2-3 pints per week, but you can’t put a price on love.

What about you, any staple items that you won’t can’t live without?

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1 kirbie

Wow …

2 Toree

Easily gum and froyo. I’ll walk through the rain on a 40 degree day to get my froyourt.

3 Spencer

Oh god, that reminds me of myself last semester. I was eating two pints of B&J/HD for breakfast everyday.. I tried almost all of their flavors over the course of 2-3 months (I think I have 5 B&J flavors left). And then I bought my own ice cream machine. So sugar and milk are my staples now I suppose.

4 Tony

Haha, that is awesome. Dove milk chocolate bars is a staple to my weekly diet.

5 Chuck

Looks good. I’ve never tried that stuff but maybe I will at some point

6 Dylan

Nice! Tried every Turtle Mountain Flavor (i think*) except this guy. Next time I see it, it’s in the shopping basket.

7 Britt

Man, I’m still not sold on this one… To each their own, I guess. :)

My favourite has got to be Haagen Dazs half fat coffee ice cream. To me, it tastes the same as full fat, which is amazingly awesome. I just wish it were more readily available where I am. Damn grocery stores and their limited supply…

8 Kevin

I lol’d at the stack of empty containers that you’ve kept. Good stuff.

9 Anna

Right now it’s Thomas brand Lite English Muffins.

10 Lisa

omg…looks so good.
and YES.
1. biscoff spread. I bought like 15 jars the past 3 months. ooopsie.
2. WCW pb by pb&co. SO GOOD
3. and these chocolate chip muffins I buy all the time. beyond amazing, Ive been eating them every day almost for 3 years. HA. (awesome that there are 4 in a box and the are almost 6 bucks a box…. -___- )

11 Rodzilla

Toree – do you have a favorite spot for froyo?

Spence – I started clapping when I read that.

Tony – I’m a big fan of the little squares. I’m thinking I need to make that a cereal mix in prono.

Dylan – I’ve tried most of them as well (they’ve recently released quite a few more) this is still my favorite

Britt – that looks to be a CA only product, we do have lowfat HD yogurt though and Five..I’ll bring myself to them at some point.

Anna – I’m a fan of those as well, but my absolute favorite are their corn muffins

Lisa – agreed, agreed, and need to find.

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