Toshi-San Sushi and Shabu Shabu

by Rodzilla on October 18, 2011 · 5 comments

Spicy Lobster Hand RollYesterday was my main man Mooms’ Birthday, I think he turned 27 or 43 or something..I forget, I just know he’s old as shit. I wish I could have been there for another all-out gastronomic extravaganza, or at least gotten the guy some froyo, but we’ll have to put any plans on hold as it’s mid-semester, and I’m 3,000 miles away. Anyway, in celebration of Mooms-man’s birthday, I’m giving all of the San Diego readers a gift (yes, all 3 of them). I’m going to let them know about one of SD’s best kept secrets: Toshi-San Sushi and Shabu Shabu

When Mooms and I visited the place was virtually empty. We sat at the bar but still went with menu options. Given the success, and our friendly itamae, I would love to go back and order omakase.



Ankimo or monkfish liver was on special that evening. For those unfamiliar, it’s incredibly delicate with only a slight oceanic taste. This version was about as good as any I’ve had, so much that I probably could have done without the additional ponzu, daikon, and scallion accouterments.

Sushi Combo B  Ebi, Hottate, Uni, Unagi, Sake, Hamachi, Maguro, Tai

Sushi Combo B - Ebi, Hottate, Uni, Unagi, Sake, Hamachi, Maguro, Tai

Another reason  Toshi-San is such a gem is the generous portion sizes.  Though the platters consisted of fairly standard pieces, the cuts were enormous. Further, every piece was at  the very least “quality” with quite a few standouts.

I’m not generally a spicy-roll type of guy, but when I made an exception for the lobster hand roll scene above. I’m glad I did, the thing was absolutely loaded with chunks of sweet lobster in a mildly spiced Kewpie mayo based sauce. I don’t care how much of a traditionalist you are when it comes to sushi, if it’s there when you visit, don’t think – order.

I have no idea why Toshi-San isn’t talked about more often, but there’s no reason for me to keep their name under wraps any longer. They’re not quite Kaito (few are) but they are far above comparable places. I’m curious to hear what other sushi fans in the area think.

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1 Chuck

Eh, I’m still not a sushi fan…

2 kirbie

I actually haven’t been here yet. Hmm, will have to check it out soon. Happy birthday to your friend!

3 James

Happy Birthday Moom! You apparently share a birthday with three of my other friends!

I’ll check it out when I get the chance. You mention the generous portion sizes, but that should be tempered based on the price, so I was wondering how much Sushi Combo B cost? It does seem strange to find a hidden gem sushi place with great prices in La Jolla.

4 Rodzilla

Chuck – I think you’ve gone to the wrong places

Kirbie – There are a few places you’ve written about that I’m yet to try, I’d like to see where you think this lines up.

James – two options for combos – this is the more expensive at $27.50 ($23.50 at lunch), the price is a bit above fugus sushi and wok across the street, but so is the quality.

5 Chelsea

I hope that tastes as delicious as it looks but then again I’m mostly accustomed to Tesco packaged sushi and some place in Pittsburgh…and the 1st time I had gourmet sushi was on a Cruise ship…so probably anything would taste better…but I must say that Lobster roll looks splendidly scrumptious and I hope I can make it to that place someday and when I do I hope I have the money as well!

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