Donut Connection PB+J & Blueberry Cake

by Rodzilla on October 6, 2011 · 8 comments

A new Dunkin Donuts just opened up in town – this isn’t about them. I’ve been avoiding our local DD because they didn’t hire my friend, Kate. Unreasonable? Absolutely. The whole thing was probably Kate’s fault, but I’m stubborn and I found a smaller (and closer) donut chain where I can pretend to be a loyal friend and get my sugar fix at the same time. Enter Donut Connection.

 First selection – Peanut Butter and Jelly. These had sat around for awhile, but the yeast dough still provided the standard light, fluffy goodness. I liked restraint in powdered sugar; enough to taste it, but not so much to leave me looking like Robert Downey after a night on the town.

Classically trained French pastry chefs know this as the Donut's Asshole

The peanut butter was in the form of a sweet whipped cream, and the better of the two fillings. I would have liked a bit more to balance out the strawberry jelly. That jelly was heavy, gelatinous, and cloying as all hell.  It would have been pretty upsetting on a bagel, but perfectly acceptable for a 90 cent donut. Not bad, but I wouldn’t seek it out.

These ones are just known as donut holes

Next up – Glazed Blueberry Cake.  A much more successful selection, and tops for me at  Donut Connection,  The outer glaze was a nice sweet crust for the inner cake. The dough was moderately sweet, surprisingly moist given that I picked these up so late in the day.

The blueberry flavor was pretty authentic, despite the low position on the ingredient list, and the little berry bits added another element of texture.


So it appears  my arbitrary boycott of the local DD will be going a bit longer. There are plenty more donuts to try, and loyalties to be feigned. Oh, and did I mention they’re closer to my house?

Peanut Butter and JellyGrade: C-

Glazed Blueberry CakeGrade: B

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1 Adam

A single, large, yeast donut fried in shortening and dipped in classic glaze is a great thing. Second only, perhaps, to a bavarian kreme filled, powdered sugar topped donut. Really, the best thing about donuts is that fried dough flavor that stays with you in your mouth. I’ve never enjoyed a mid morning burp so much than after a a fall day in which a donut stop was included.

Our DD’s are owned by what I presume to be a nepotistic Indian cartel. They are notorious for allowing their donuts to go stale. A pity, because DD really does do some great donuts in the stores they actually take pride in.

2 Kate

Hahaha :) Donut Connection all the way!

3 Chuck

I think I would let myself eat a real donut, but something spectacular from a non-chain place, like Voodoo Donuts. What’s the best you’ve ever had?

Thank you much for your e-mails the other night- I have them saved because I want to reply fully

4 Lot-O-Choc

Too bad you didnt think the PB + J donut was all that good,it looks amazing on the photo!

5 Kim Valentine

The PB&J donut looks very good but I like my donuts simple. I’ll be picking up some chocolate glazed donuts and croissants tomorrow from a local shop. It’s become a bad habit.

6 Rodzilla

Adam – back when I was a young fat-ass I routinely would put a hurting on the DD dozen. I would always choose a few Jelly, then steal a few of my sisters favorite glazed, maybe get away with grabbing one of my dad’s boston cremes…there wasn’t much left for my poor mom.

Kate – I don’t know how to respond to that.

Chuck – I’ve always wanted to visit there, and also some of the spots in NYC. The best non-chain donuts I’ve had were at Georges Modern this summer:

Nat – It wasn’t terrible, served it’s purpose..but PB&J has so much potential.

Kim – Mind if I stop over? :D I disagree with that being a bad habit.

7 Nancy/SpicieFoodie

Who doesn’t love donuts? Everyone loves them. Sadly there are no donut shops here :( While my hips and butt thank me my mouth is sad.

8 Lisa

pb&j only gets a C-…HOW UPSETTING. that give pb&j a bad rep :(
you gotta try PB&J fro yo at Pinkberry if you ever get a chance. its ahhh-mazing!!

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