Wheat Thins Smoky BBQ

by Rodzilla on September 18, 2011 · 9 comments

Hey Team Wheat Thins,

I have no idea how to respond to that first line, but thanks for the free box of crackers. I realize you probably sent the exact same note to countless other reviewers, but I genuinely appreciate you spelling my name correctly, and thought the hand written text was a nice touch. 

New Smokey BBQ Box

I’ve got to be honest, crackers may be one of the least exciting food items to review.  As much as I liked these, the pictures lack that food-porn appeal of say donuts or ice cream, and there isn’t much surprise as to what a BBQ Wheat Thin might taste like.

Single Serving

I”m not sure if I would have called these “smoky” I think “zesty” might  have been a better description. Regardless, I liked it. The outer BBQ dusting gave an initial savory BBQ flavor, before I tasted the  traditional, slight honey flavor of original wheat thins on the back end.

Turtle Tasting

I decided to pay your generosity forward and share the box with some friends. Devin, Kylie, and Katy all really liked them. Rachel did too, but she also liked these so I dismissed her opinion and looked for another reviewer. All I could find was the turtle, he probably doesn’t have the most sophisticated of palates, but it’s still better than Rachel’s. He pretended to be uninterested, but I think he just wanted to be different, whatever 4/5 is still a good score.



So I think you guys have a winning flavor on your hands. Unsurprisingly, anyone who likes BBQ chips and Wheat Thins will be a fan. I left the box at my friends house, and I’m almost tempted to steal it back. Nice work on this one.

Grade: B


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1 Lauren McStay


By the way…the box is almost empty.

2 Rachel McHugh


3 Shannon

That note would’ve made me feel special. I might try Wheat Thins now.

4 Chuck

A little melted cheddar on there would make them a lot better

5 Lisa

hmm, Ill have to give these a try! BBQ is my favorite flavor when it comes to chips. especially sweet bbq :)

6 Kim Valentine

Hm.. I wonder if these are over seasoned like the sundried tomato flavor. I find the sundried tomato ones have good flavor at first but get pretty nauseating quickly. Great if you’re on a diet, I suppose.

7 kirbie

I love how you took a pic of the handwritten note. I’ve gotten them a lot with products sent. I guess it is a nice touch. Turtle!!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeal*

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