Nutter Butter Creme Patties

by Rodzilla on September 14, 2011 · 15 comments

Believe it or not, I didn’t pick these up to try and win one of  Tony Stewart or Ryan Newman’s favorite Chevys. I was actually pretty disappointed to see Nutter Butter as an official sponsor of Nascar. To me, such an affiliation is only slightly more appealing that being an official sponsor of monster trucks, demolition derbys, or any other red-neck non-sports. Nutter Butters can do better, or so I thought. 

The not so clean break

I should have taken it as a sign when there I couldn’t find these on the Nutter Butter site. There is a reason Nabisco doesn’t advertise these – they suck.

The main problem is the outer wafer.  The texture and taste (if you can call it that) is somewhere between a generic ice cream cup and a styrophoam peanut.  The only redeeming quality is the traditional Nutter Butter creme, but even that isn’t enough to save these patties.

Would an even 6 make too much sense?

Next problem – the 5 patty serving size. How the hell am I supposed to cleanly break off 5 patties? Maybe this isn’t a problem for the typical Nascar fan who wouldn’t be caught dead without a chewing tobacco, coors light, and a utility knife, but the rest of us  just gets shattered and shitty cookies.

Do yourself a favor and just spoon out the "creme"

A more flavorful wafer could at least resulted in a decent Nutter Butter/Sugar Wafer hybrid.  Instead, Nabisco gave us a cookie with a taste almost as boring as watching  stock cars maneuver around an oval for 5 hours.

Now just in case I’ve offended the sole Nascar fan who came across this review while trying to find race results – I’m sorry. You and your clan don’t deserv to be chastised for enjoying a shitty non-sport. I’ll even give you my entry for a chance at Tony or Ryan’s Chevy. I don’t want them, I just want a damn Nutter Butter.

Grade: D+

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1 Dubba

wow, that’s a lot of non-love for a cookie that gives you 4 grams of protein per serving. Ironically, I bought a pack of these on Monday (like I do every so many years), and they do seem to be less exciting every time I have them. Apparently I had lower standards as a child.

2 Lisa

i LOVE nutter butters. these are a disappointment to the nutter butter name. what a shame :(

3 John

Nutter Butter Creme Patties are AWESOME! Perhaps you don’t realize they have been around since the mid-70s, perhaps longer. Far better than the cookies.

4 Anne

Just discovered these and I love them :-)

5 wayne

I have a friend send these to me from the south. I can’t find them here locally. I love em !


I strongly disagree.

Yes, the outer wafer has a very mild flavor and is super light in texture (almost dainty). But I think that’s a good thing, not bad. You don’t want something that will compete with the peanut butter filling. You want something that will blend into the background as your tongue enjoys the glory of the filling. A sweet wafer would be overkill.

7 Tigerbos

The biggest disappointment is that these used to be full of the peanut butter creme. Now the ‘filling’ is half gone and mostly air.

8 AL

Doggone it. I used to LOVE these cookies — where has all the peanut butter gone???? I was so excited when I found them … and even though they don’t break evenly, I obviously ate them all w/in 2 days. But they used to have MORE PEANUT BUTTER CREME … it reminds me of the song “where have all the flowers gone” … gone to profit everyone … oh well.

9 June

Love these cookies. They are great no matter any changes made. I agree with ATOM. Its like comparing the plain cone with a dip of ice cream. Just the right combo!

10 Pam

I love these cookies….and now I can’t find them in an of our stores in Augusta, Ga. Whats up with that?

11 FineTexan

These are my all time favorite cookies! The wafer is delicate and crisp and the filling of ‘peanut butter’ is creamy and sweet. They are the same as they were in the 60s when I first ate them on dates with my husband (no longer living). They are of gourmet quality and need a person with taste to enjoy them. It does not matter if they break evenly or not as I can’t eat just one. They don’t last more than one day at the most. I am sure the fact that I LOVE them guarantees they will be discontinued!! I am finding it hard to find them as it is.

12 Virginia Martin

I love the creme patties, but the stores have stopped carrying them. The only place I can get them is Walmart.

13 S Hyde

These are my favorite cookies -they are a lot better than
The Nutter Butter PEANUT SHAPED ones -
Only problem is some of the stores have stopped carrying
them . And THEY changed the package – so it’s hard to find them
On the shelf .

14 Debra Mims

where can I find these in Sumter, SC?

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