Chicken McNuggets

by Rodzilla on September 27, 2011 · 10 comments

Have you ever listened to Delilah? You know the radio show where soft rock ballads and love songs are played between calls from dumb asses looking for the most obvious advice? Yeah me neither…but the other night while switching out my Dubstep mix tape for Kanye’s latest, I just so happened to catch Miss Delilah giving the most fucked anecdote about chickens, and for some reason it really made me want McNuggets.

The two shapes of greatness

Apparently when Delilah was a young girl her neighbors kept a few chickens. Those chickens laid eggs and a few of them hatched. Delilah was quite fond of the little things and wanted to hold one. She went on to tell how she was allowed to hold one, proceeded to squeeze, squeezed hard, harder, and killed it. I completely forget the point of her story, I was too baffled by why she would tell it, and then way too distracted by Peter Cetera’s Glory of Love. That poor chick probably ended up looking like McD’s mechanically separated meat paste, which probably primed me to go snag a 4-piece.

Deconstructed McNugget

Delilah had prefaced the whole thing by saying, “I probably shouldn’t tell this story” and I would have to agree. I probably shouldn’t have peeled a scrumptious McNugget and waited so long to eat the rest of them. The only thing worse than a cold McNugget is a bare one.

For the counters

but when they are ’fresh’..or at least warm,  they’re  fantastic. They aren’t Chick-Fil-A quality, but they’re cheap, nostalgic, and damned tasty. The crispy fried crust is the best in the nugget game, and the inner meat mash  brings a pleasantly mild peppery flavor. When combined it makes for a type of goodness that can make 20 pieces dissapear as quickly as 4.

McDonald’s released several new sauces a couple of months ago, but they aren’t needed. If you are a saucer, the classics are still the best: honey, sweet & sour, and of course Heinz Ketchup.

So yeah, McNuggets may be pretty messed up, but they taste good. I’m still working on finding redeeming qualities for Delilah.

Grade: B+

The boys over at GubGrade were spot on with their review.

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1 Chuck

But Rod, it’s all white meat chicken! And actually, I do know the Delilah show… I didn’t realize it was national till I’ve heard it 3 states now. Why can’t I get paid as a nationally celebrity to have an absolutely awful radio show?

2 Lot-O-Choc

I have been craving chicken mcnuggets soooo badly, i havent had any for about..9 years!

3 Adam

The best 3 dollars
I will ever spend
in my life:
Small fry, 4 piece nuggets, small drink.

Well said man. I find I don’t need sauce anymore. I don’t care what anyone says. These are the most nostalgic, best tatsing nuggets in the world. I especially love the boot shaped ones.

4 Kevin

And here I was thinking only those of us in the NYC area were blessed enough to have Delilah’s entirely worthless radio show that seems to get the stupidest callers.

And you’re right about the nuggets at Mickey D’s. I loved them even when they were i their gray, non-white-meat form, and I still love ‘em today. They’ll always have a place in my heart for both their nostalgia and taste.

5 kirbie

I’ve never deconstructed a nugget or seen one deconstructed. Heehee. Now I want some chicken nuggets

6 Lisa

hahah a decontructed nugget. I kinda do that when I eat chicken nuggets. Eat the outside first, then the inside. i dont know why, Im weird. whateverrrr :)

7 Lisa

p.s. I love that they post the nutritional info!!!! :)

8 Nicholas

I actually like their sweet chili sauce, but that’s probably because it’s completely stolen from Vietnamese cuisine haha.

9 Mark

I must agree with Nicholas… the sweet chili sauce is awesome with mcnuggets! it’s amazing to me that a vietnamese-style sauce is so compatible with a food that no 3rd grader would ever dare turn down…

10 Rodzilla

Chuck – yeah I had no idea until I googled her weird ass

Nat – WAY too long, I hope you’ve remedied this by now

Adam – the boots are the best – great handle shape if you do decide to dip.

Kev – did you know Nick once ran 15 miles to get them?

Kirbie – Deconstructing is a waste of a nugget, it was a sacrifice for the sake of analysis and very hard to do :p

Lisa – you are, but I’m cool with it.

Nick – I thought about mentioning the sweet chili sauce – if it’s the same as the limited edition olympics/mulan than yeah, it’s an acceptable addition

Mark – haha it’s true. I like the duck-saucy element to theirs. Particularly cloying and oh so good.

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