Laloo’s Goats Milk Vanilla Snowflake

by Rodzilla on August 21, 2011 · 16 comments

Let me start by saying I love getting comments. It’s nice to know that some people are actually reading this stuff, or at least looking at my pictures when they’re bored. I’m happy to get anyone’s opinion regardless of whether or not they agree with my review, opinion, etc. However, recently my grading criteria was questioned, almost criticized – I don’t like that so much. There is a reason it’s called Rodzilla Reviews, shit-head. Opinions will differ, but I like to think I’m fairly consistent and have a pretty decent formula. So I decided to humor the ass-hat who got me so worked up by explaining my grading technique with this Laloo’s Goats Milk Ice Cream.

Under the lid

I have a few main grading criteria. The first, and most important is taste which is then broken down for more detailed analysis depending on the product.

The first thing I noticed about this Vanilla Snowflake was that the madagascar vanilla flavor was much richer than most vanillas I’ve had. More like a vanilla bean than the standard generic vanilla. There is a definite goats milk tang on the finish, but it’s gentle and not at all unpleasant. The texture was lighter than that of premium ice creams but managed to be nearly as creamy, not the typical lower-fat gummy fluff.

A second  factor is price. I paid $7 at whole foods for a pint of this ice cream.  Pretty steep, but I knew I liked goats milk, and I’ve had success with this brand in the past. Does the taste justify the price? We’ll get to that in a bit.



I may acknowledge packaging, but it usually will not have much influence on the grade. For instance, if I’m eating something as unique as goats milk ice cream, I would like an emphasis on the goat. The snowflakes are nice, but goats would be better. At least give me an equal amount of goats to snowflakes, or a goatflake design.

Ingredients are another important factor. Aside from the obvious influence on taste, I believe that companies deserve recognition for using quality and/or wholesome ingredients. Of course, the use of such ingredients is only worthwhile if the influence on taste is positive. I wouldn’t care if they used the rarest Argentata of Etna Goats, had the milk tasted like it came from ass rather than udder it wouldn’t score well.


I use all of the aforementioned criteria to determine value. It only makes sense to assess value by comparing said product against comparable offerings. I would encourage anyone curious about goats milk to try this ice cream, but I don’t see it becoming a repeat purchase for myself. I liked it quite a bit, but not enough to regularly pay the equivalent of two pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

So I hope this has been enlightening. I won’t claim to have some flawless scale because no review site does. These aren’t grading scales for advanced statistical analysis, they’re my own opinions. If you have a different one I would love to hear it, just don’t be a dick about it – that’s my job.

Grade: 17** because I can.

…Really it’s like a B

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1 VeggieGirl

Don’t listen to the haters – I love this review site, and no one has the right to criticize you like that. Keep on doing a fabulous job here! :)

2 Spencer

Lol u mad, son! FWIW, I’ve mostly agreed with your IC reviews, even if I personally didn’t enjoy the flavor myself. The grade itself is inconsequential compared to the write-up, IMO.

The $7 price point is purty ridic, considering it’s also a bit airy at 82g/0.5 cup; nowhere near as bad as Edy’s/Dreyer’s though, which is around ~60g/0.5 cup if i remember correctly..

I’ve always found commercial vanilla ice cream (e.g. B&Js) kinda flat compared to IC I’ve made at home with actual vanilla beans (this is saying more about the ingredient than anything else). Haagen Dazs’ vanilla flavors tastes unmistakably like extract to me; the first thing I taste/smell is the alcohol. /rant

3 Adam

Great review. Love goat’s milk cheese, but have yet to try it in ice cream. I could see how the tang and slightly grassy flavors could work though.

4 Adam

Also, I would add…

With a food blogger universe increasingly populated by 17 year oldish girls who may or may not have eating disorders and rely on excessive letters in “gooood” and “greeaat” and “OMAGGGG” to provide the bulk of their adjectives to describe taste and texture, it’s nice to read someone like you who has the balls to say ‘fuck off” to the critics, and the experience resume to back it up.

5 Jess

Ew, really? Did this person pick fights with his teachers for using an A-F grading system, too? Lamesauce, man. Which post was it on? Did you leave the comment on?

I find that the two things commenters cannot get into their thick heads is for one, that we are not the manufacturer of whatever item we happen to be reviewing and for two, that we do not give a shit. I doubt any of us is astroturfing, but I hate getting comments about conspiracy theories about “my” company or questions as to why I discontinued a certain item, and I genuinely detest it when people ask me why I’m such an asshole. It’s my site. I can be an asshole or I can be a mommy blogger. It’s annoying to have someone dissect each aspect of something you’ve worked hard on and spent money on and have displayed online for all to see. Good for you for sticking to your guns!

6 Robert

Good job Rod! You Killed it haha… Keep it up and I love your reviews LOVE them and your awesome to so that helps :D

7 Steve

Ha! That’s awesome. We’re not doing objective science here. We’re reviewing stuff. It’s supposed to be fun and creative. Does someone have a chart at home they’re filling in the numbers for. Are they doing some kind of study? I ate this thing, and here’s what I think about it. Great Caesar’s ghost. And I’m sure if I tried a snack 6 months from now, I’d rate it differently. Carry on Rodzilla.

8 Julien

It’s taste; how objective can you be? If you like it, nobody should make you elaborate, and if you chose to, the direction of that explanation is of your mind and need not be judged. What you always share fits with my tastes and makes me laugh (well, not every post, but many). If there are haters, let them hate. They’re in the bleachers, you’re on the field, and they can just go home if they don’t want to watch.

By the way, awesome review. 17 sounds worth a try, but that happens to mean finding it closer or waiting till I end up near the Whole Foods in Arcadia (40 minutes).

9 Chuck

Interesting- you noticed the vanilla flavor more that the goat milk flavor? How did the goat milk affect the overall flavor? I actually drink goats milk and it’s pretty good so I bet it would add a distinct flavor to an ice cream.

Lol I like the grading system too

10 Katie

Bahahahaha. A goatflake had me laughing for a little. Just the image of a goat attached to a snowflake….
I like the way you review stuff. It can get tricky those because I’m not ever sure if B is average or C is average? (In my family, A is average…)
But still, it’s just one part of the review…at the very end. People are just stupid, imo.

11 Lot-O-Choc

Ugh whats the point in people commenting if theyre only gonna criticise! Its up to you what you write! Ive never tried goats milk fact ive never even seen it near where I live before..i may have to try it if i ever come across it!

12 Lisa

I liked this!! I couldn’t stop eating it after I bought it. So creamy and light :)
sorry to hear your having some comment issues- I usually just ignore (or delete!) those! :)

13 Carrie

See i am totally going out right now and getting this. And can someone please explain to me when people started becoming all complainy and asshatty about everything? It’s an epidemic. No one is forcing them to read the internets.

14 Dubba

and people wonder why I screen my comments… but seriously, keep up the good reviews, especially on the expensive stuff – because then I can save my money!

disclaimer: LaLoo’s is good, but the only sample I’ve ever had was free

15 Rodzilla

Haha, thanks for the support everyone, and I agree with what you all had to say. I wasn’t nearly as upset as it may have seemed, I just thought I should expound on my grading criteria.

16 Lily

Ass-hat and goatflake — great images. Love the reviews, they make me laugh, and the comments to this one are hilarious. Glad you are home.

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