Blanca – The Best Meal I Never Reviewed

by Rodzilla on August 1, 2011 · 4 comments

This past Saturday I took part in a special 13 course tasting at Blanca. A special thanks go out to Bobby of GourmandsReview for arranging everything.

I left very impressed with the food, and even more impressed by Chef Schmidt. Being “farm to table” is big these days, a lot of places seem to throw the term around in hopes that locally sourced ingredients will be enough to impress. Blanca takes it a step above. Chef Schmidt is Foraging many of the ingredients himself to use in some very inventive dishes without losing focus on the the most important aspect – taste.

So why am I not reviewing the meal that’s now on the tops of my San Diego recommendations? Because these two guys did a much, much better job of it. Please take a look.
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1 Chuck

Looks like a pretty epic meal, my man. What was the best course/dish?

2 kevinEats

Come on Roddy, we want to see your take on the whole experience!

3 Rodzilla

Chuck – hard to say probably the still life of local waters, or grilled asparagus. Those two were the most complete for me – others had aspects I really, really liked but some small aspect kept them from being on the same level.

Kevin – Next time we dine together you can count on it. Otherwise, I pretty much share your sentiments.

Charcuterie – loved it, duck mousse, pate, chicharron, and lamb speck (on account of powder) particularly.
Vegetable composition – just wasn’t to my tastes – not a bad dish.
Still life – amazing, sweetness of the uni against the tang of the dashi was the best bite
Octopus – same changes you noted to the rice, and I could have used a bit more salinity.
Cherry Tomato – same as you, almond stuck out
Asparagus – best egg I’ve had in a long time. Lemon and burratta were very strong but had to be to cut the richness of the egg.
Charred Yellowtail – same as you
Day on the farm – loved the soil, reminded me of a dish I had at Notion – texture was fantastic, grilled veggies.
Halibut – I felt was made better by Stephanie’s truffled salt.
Brisket – was expecting the meat to be a bit more tender after the sous vide. I quite liked the corn puree – but I’ve got quite the sweet tooth.
Lamb – amazing flavor, my piece unfortunately had a large bit of gristle
Goat Cheese semifreddo – loved it
Blueberries & Corn – was really excited for this, was hoping for more sweetness from the panna cotta.
Truffles – fantastic, dark chocolate won out for me
Macarons – amazing :)

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