Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip

by Rodzilla on July 26, 2011 · 11 comments

In case you aren’t up on your baking-chick blogs, Jeni’s Splendid from Columbus, Ohio recently released an ice-cream cookbook. I don’t actually expect that many of you to keep up with the latest in E-cookery, but let’s just say the book has created such a buzz that you think it was an unreleased collaboration from Julia Child and 2-pac. With all the talk about Jeni’s, I was feeling a little sorry for Ohio’s other famous cream, Graeter’s. I decided it would be a good time to give their signature Black Raspberry Chip a try.

Opened and scooped

Another influencing factor for my purchase was this article and slide show on SeriousEats. You can read and click through to learn all about Graeter’s processes and commitment to quality. I’m all about that sort of thing, and don’t mind paying an extra dollar or so to get paying an extra $7- that’s pushing it.

The base is very creamy, almost custard like. You may even be able to tell the difference between other premium brands. The black raspberry flavor is very sweet, there may be the slightest tartness – but not much.

Chips and Black Raspberry

Ben & Jerry’s may be king when it come’s to general mix-ins, but Graeter’s has the chips category on lock. Check out that “chip” above, more like a Bitter-Sweet Boulder. Bitter-sweet normally wouldn’t be my first choice of chocolate, but it’s fitting given the sweetness of the black raspberry. I also really liked the softer consistency which was almost fudge-like, rather than something that might break a tooth.

For the macro crew

I’ll be honest, it took some time for this one to grow on me. I only started to realize how much I liked it when a small spoon to double check the flavor turned into half a bowl. I’m not generally a fruity ice cream type of guy, but this I like. I’ll be happy to pay an extra dollar to try out some of Graeter’s other flavors. Suggestions?

Grade: A

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1 Adam

Is the first ingredient cream or milk? And remind me how that effects super premium ice cream again?

2 Chuck

Thats quite a “chip”! I never had Graeters the whole time I was in Cincinnati and I should be ashamed of it. I also never had Cincinnati chili, but I’m planning to make it some time soon–thanks for the reminder!

3 Julien

@Adam: Looking at the last picture he posted, I think you can start to make out the ingredients, and it appears that cream is the primary ingredient, followed by milk and, most likely, sugar.

4 Rodzilla

Adam – try hyperlinks go to the sites my man – Julien got it, it’s cream. I think the difference is on account of their french pot process.

Chuck – definitely worth a try, did you have another favorite?

5 Lot-O-Choc

This looks so amazingly good, wish I could get the chance to try it! We dont really have that many sort of “different” flavours here in the Uk.

6 Dubba

did you order this online or find it in a store? I’m terribly jealous, but you already knew that.

7 Steve

Black Raspberry is highly underrated. As are huge chunks of anything.

8 rq

You just missed Strawberry Chip season, but look for it next May and June. Toffee chip, mint chocolate chip, coconut chip…Hm. There is a pattern here. You can’t go wrong with anything with chips in it. (It’s actually Peter’s milk chocolate.)

Oh, but there’s also fresh peach in July and August, mango sorbet, Buckeye Blitz…

9 Rodzilla

Nat – you guys do seem limited, though I’ve always wanted to try GU puds.

Dubba – I’m lucky enough that they have it in the stores around me.

Steve – agreed, especially these chunks though. Nice to get decent quality chocolate as opposed to tiny hard chips/shards

RQ – I’d likely give strawberry chip a shot, I saw the bit about Peter’s in the SE article. Have you tried there non-chip flavors? I’m curious about blueberry pie.

10 Ben

Graeters is the best! I grew up and Columbus and had the pleasure of having a Graeters shop just down the street.

All of their flavors are worth trying, Buckeye Blitz is one of my favorites and anything with a vanilla base. Their base flavors are probably the best I’ve had so really its just a matter of what flavor and mix-ins you prefer.

You won’t be let down!

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