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by Rodzilla on July 13, 2011 · 9 comments

Though I’ve spent most of my life in the Pittsburgh area, both sides of my family are actually from New York.  Many of my relatives are still in the area, and I’ve made countless summer and holiday trips there myself. Oh, you thought I meant NYC. No, we’re from upstate, Troy and Albany to be exact. I’ve been to NYC once and I didn’t have pizza.

Display of options for reheating

So while I can’t tell you if San Diego’s ever popular Bronx Pizza is serving the most authentic New York style pie, I can tell you if I feel the rave reviews are warranted, or at least – if it’s worth the trip.

Here’s how things work at Bronx – at least if you’re anything like me. Walk in and become overwhelmed by the amount of options in the display case. In doing so, test the patience of the guy behind the counter (number 2) who just wants you to place your damn order. Decide you’ll cover both bases with a sauced and sauceless selection. Pay $6 for two slices and a fountain drink (good deal) wait ~2 mins for slices to be reheated andcritique.

Whitestone and Mushroom

I went with  a standard mushroom slice the Erin Jackson recommended whitestone (mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, parm). The crust on either slice was thin, crisp, and unfortunately bland. I realize I’m critiquing “cheap” pizza, but with all the rave reviews of the place I was hoping for a tad more flavor and a bit more chewiness.

Heavily "cheesed"

The mushroom slice I would pass on. The mushrooms are canned, the thin layer of sauce is rather dull, and the mozzarella heavy cheese blend doesn’t add much flavor.

Serious ricotta

The whitestone was better, but not as good as it could have been. There’s a lot of ricotta and mozzarella. A better ratio of Parmesan and garlic could have made this slice a knockout.

Bronx pizza surely isn’t bad, but they aren’t the destination spot I was looking for. I’d recommend them if you’re in the area and want  a cheap, filling meal -not if you’re looking for pizza greatness.

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1 Shannon

They didn’t look all that tasty from your photos.

2 Darlene

I live a few blocks away and think the hype around it is overrated. I go elsewhere for my pizza craving without having to deal with the guy behind the counter. He sometimes uses his middle finger to point to menu items–disturbing, no? But as a cheap, nearby place, it’s passable.

3 Chuck

Ha, my whole family is from Rochester… No great pizza there, not bad pizza, but nothing great

4 Bobby

That looks like bad NY pizza. The best east coast style pizza I’ve found is in Cardiff. It’s called East Coast Pizza I did a brief blog post about it not that long ago. The original owners were from my hometown back in Boston and they nailed it down perfectly. A new owner took over maybe five years ago but luckily the product didn’t change at all. Check it out.

5 Tampa Bay Food Monster

oh god that whitestone pizza!! the cheese! aughhh so much cheese!! i feel like i’d die from a bite.

6 Steve

We thought Bronx Pizza was good but Pizzeria Luigi in Golden Hill is great and still one of our favorites!!

7 Food Smackdown

We thought Bronx Pizza was good but Pizzeria Luigi in Golden Hill is great and still one of our favorites!!

8 Food Coma 911

MMm…the pesto and whitestone are my weapons of choice there :D

9 Rodzilla

Shannon – definitely wasn’t the most appealing to look at.

Darlene – yeah people seem to tout it like it’s the second coming of Di Fara, and that type of service is inexcusable – hopefully he’s doing it mindlessly

Chuck – yeah, I like to think hidden gems can be found anywhere – at least you have Dinosaur BBQ

Steve – thanks, I saw your review. Pizzeria Luigi is another one I’ve been meaning to check out – similar style, also get’s rave reviews, hopefully they live up to them

Jen – if I make it back I’ll give the pesto a shot, and probably something with sausage (looked decent) but I’m in no rush.

TBF – it was sort of like a ricotta pie – I like ricotta, but I prefer balance.

Bobby – Thanks for the rec. I’ll definitely check them out, I’m with you on getting the bottom a little charred.

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