Ben & Jerry’s Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie

by Rodzilla on July 15, 2011 · 11 comments

Jimmy Fallon.
Steven Colbert.
Dave Mathews.
….this chick?

Yeah, Hannah Teter seems a bit out of place, and not only due to an abundance of estrogen – Elton John had a flavor too, remember? A better fit might be with the likes of Andrea Mead, Carlton Fisk, and Patty Sheehan. Oh you’re not familiar? Don’t worry about it.  I’ve done enough reading on Vermont’s finest athletes for all of us, and I can tell you the state’s athletics aren’t nearly as impressive as its ice cream.

A peak inside

Take for instance Miss Teter’s offering, “Maple Ice Cream with Blonde Brownie Chunks & a Maple Caramel Swirl” It sounds sweet, it is sweet, but there’s no throat burning involved.

Swirls and such

The maple flavored ice cream has to be one of B&J’s best base flavors.  There’s none of that Mrs. Buttersworth, wafflehouse  garbage.  This is the real deal, straight out of the tree (or at least the expensive glass jar) maple flavor.

It’s still mellow enough to be complimented by an even sweeter Maple caramel swirl – which lends itself towards the caramel side.
and then there are the blonde brownie chunks providing an awesome chewy consistency and a nice brown sugar flavor.

Blondie Chunk vs. Blackberry Chunk

It took me awhile to get around to this one, mostly because I thought the Limited Edition tag meant a one and done production. I’m glad to see it seems to be sticking around. While I wouldn’t put Hannah’s celeb status on par with Willie and the gang, her ice cream is surely right up there with them.

Grade: A-

For the nutrition crowd

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1 Kevin

It seems like I’m one of the few people who just didn’t find this flavor to be all that special. I thought that the ice cream base tasted fine, but not great, and the blondie chunks just tasted like sugar and not much else. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed, especially given the rave reviews this flavor seems to draw.

2 Lisa

oh yum. maple is one of my favorite flavors ever. this would be way to dangerous around me, and 240 calories for half a cup!?! no wonder ben & Jerrys tastes so good. But if I see this in stores, I cant promise myself Im not gonna buy it… ;)

3 Shannon

Based on your recommendation, I tried this today. The first spoonful kinda impressed me, but it left me wondering what I had just bitten into. It was a blondie, of course, but I didn’t care much for the texture. I think B&Js does a much better job with cake, and as it melted the idea of eating syrup made it hard to keep down. Now I know we have quite different tastes so I’ll keep that in mind.

4 Shannon

Oops, sorry I was talking about the caramel.

5 Spencer

I can definitely agree with you about the base and the swirl: they have a good, authentic maple flavor. I thought it was a bit mild though; I would’ve preferred a bigger portion of some good grade B syrup, but that’s just me. I personally didn’t like the chunks; I’ve always found them a bit too cakey/stale tasting for my taste (I’ve had around 3-4 pints at this stage, so I don’t think it was because of a bad batch). That said, it’s one of their better flavors IMHO.

BTW, has anyone actually seen Dave Matthews’ Magic Brownies in the wild? It’s one of the few flavors I haven’t tried yet..

6 Adam

When I was at USU we had a flavor in our creamery called “Maple Nut” – basically maple flavored ice cream roasted hazelnuts. Seriously amazing, but reading this, I can’t believe it never occured to me to stick a a freaking cookie and brownie into a bowl of that stuff.

7 Rodzilla

Kevin – apparently Shannon isn’t a fan either. Seems we have a few blondie chunk haters. From what I recall, I liked them enough to eat them on their own.

Lisa – 240 doesn’t seem like all that much when you take 3k+ a day.

Shannon – In that case I would try not letting it melt next time. You seem quite upset with me, would you like me to refund your purchase?

Spence – I’m going to have to taste again now that everyone is hating on the chunks. It sounds like cinnamon buns might be more up your alley. I’ve seen DMB Magic Brownies often, but I’ve never actually tried it.

Adam – maple flavored ice cream sounds good, roasted hazelnuts..meh. Sounds like B&J wins by default of having blondie chunks :D

8 Shannon

Why I seem quite upset to you eludes me, because I simply am not. When dealing with babies such as yourself I have come to not expect much in terms of my own happiness and not take you very seriously. So no, baby, no refund from you is required.

9 Caleb

I was able to find a pint of Magic Brownies here in New Hampshire and it was pretty good, its solid but kind of an unspectacular pint. Not nearly enough brownie chunks as there should be because once you go through them you just have black raspberry and vanilla ice cream. Nothing that I would go out of my way to buy all the time but maybe as a once in awhile purchase.

10 Dubba

geez, are we jealous there isn’t a B&J Rodzilla flavor yet? It’s all about the kids man! The flavor is based on “Hannah’s Gold” maple syrup, so a portion of the proceeds goes to charity — and it may be “limited”, but it’s one of Jerry’s favorites, another reason it’s back from 2010.

and I agree with Caleb, magic brownies lacks brownies, so what’s the point?

11 frank furter

try a scoop of this on a waffle and you’ll thank jesus

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