Nutter Butter Bites

by Rodzilla on June 18, 2011 · 13 comments

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, done many things I wish I could take back. I know a lot of people who try to by sayings such as “live with no regrets”. That’s a nice idea, but a recent incident involving a pack of Nutter Butter Bites showed me that doing so is beyond me…I had a stash of bite size Nabisco Cookies: Oreos, Chips-Ahoy, and Nutter Butters. I don’t think I need to tell anyone that nutter butters are the best of the bunch (feel free to be wrong debate in the comments). I was reaching for a pack myself when my roommate Tom asked me to throw him one. I blindly tossed a pack of cookies that just so happened to be nutter butters – my last pack of nutter butters. F*#&. I was about to offer the trade when Tom began to wax nostalgic about how good nutter butter’s were – I was too late.

In all their glory

Nutter Butters are classics and nearly perfect in all their forms. A peanut buttery biscuit with a sweeter slighty grainy peanut butter creme. My rating will encompasses all varieties, but there are two things keeping Nutter Butter’s from getting that better than perfect score.

1. Hydrogenated oils
- seriously Nabisco, you took them out of Oreos

2. No Double Stuffed – again, so many versions of the Oreo. Why not take a shot at greatness with the double stuffed.

So, “no regrets”? That’s a bull-shit Mantra, here’s what I’m going with instead, “Always check your box” (for broader application) and “protect your Nutter Butters” (that’s pretty damned direct). I’ve acquired more of the cookies since the incident, but I’m still missing that pack, and I probably always will.

Grade: A

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1 Nicholas

what’s wrong with hydrogenated oils? They power me on epic long training rides.

2 Adam from GrubGrade

True story Nicholas. If you’re disgustingly active, as people like Rodzilla strike me as, than the health “risks” equate to like exposing yourself to the sun’s rays for all of 11 seconds. Also, did you get these on a Southwest airlines flight?

3 Lot-O-Choc

Oh wow peanut butter biscuits..these sound amazing!! Why dont they do these things in the UK! Gimme gimme!

4 Rodzilla

Nick – they don’t though, trans fats can’t be used efficiently. I’m all for some straight up butter and sugar, but trans fats are useless.
Adam – I’m a calories are calories/ macros are macros type of guy, but this is more of an ethical issue for me – I could ingest insignificant amounts of melamine, but it would still piss me off.
Nat – UK citizens do take a beating on all things peanut butter. I might be able to help you out.

5 Adam from GrubGrade

Oh c’mon Rodzilla. I didn’t think you ate just because you want to use energy “effciently.” Us humans ain’t robots. Do you really want to be the guy at the party who has the explain to everyone that he can’t eat the snack mix because it contains a dietary insignificant amount of TFAs?

Science is always changing, learning more. One day they’re going to discover that for people who actually eat vegetables, whole grains and fruits, the “harm” caused by processed “crap” is mitigated by the overall balance of their diets.

Just MHO. But it comes from someone who has had “issues” with being one of the spoil-sports in the past.

6 Rodzilla

I’m not. Enjoyment is key – but I prefer to do it without harm. All I’m saying is that they aren’t needed and they’re actually detrimental, whereas the other typical “bad guys” actually can serve some benefit.

It was mentioned to explain why I didn’t give NBs the perfect score they taste like.

7 Adam

I dunno. I like to think even “bad” ingredients can be gateways to good nutrition. Like the hydroginated oil in peanut butter, or the added sugar in a sorbet. It serves a scientific purpose to make something taste better. That thing you are improving, and may not have eaten without the hydrogination or added sugar, has benefit. The problem with PHO oils, is, IMHO, that they show up in many a foods that have no intrinsic value to begin with – like cheap snack cakes, etc. I would be very curiouse to see a comphrensive study of their effect on individuals like me. That is, those who eat 80 % healthy and 20 % crap. They may have a zero sum gain in terms of what they do, yet can they really be “that’ bad if the vast majority of your calories come in the form of foods that have been proven to do very good things for you in amounts that you’re eating in excess of?

Sorry for the tanget. We should chat about this not on a blog sometime.

8 Nicholas

Rod, I would like to point out that it’s only theorized that lipase can’t metabolize trans-fats. If evolution can’t be held as fact… haha

9 Rodzilla

Adam – sounds like a just world hypothesis. Again, I’ll eat sat fats and added sugars without thinking twice. I won’t make excuses for companies using trans fats. All for a private round-table my man.

Nick – I knew it was a bad idea to challenge you scientifically. So consider my retort anecdote – I tried to do a trans-fat load and bonked on a ride. :p

10 Mary

Nutter butters are freaking delicious. Deliciously evil.

11 Dubba

Double Stuff Nutter Butters? Oh you could be on to something! Or, would it be better if the double stuff used crunchy peanut butter? Mmmmm, so many possibilities.

12 Max

These taste great.Love it

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