Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

by Rodzilla on June 30, 2011 · 13 comments

Judging by the sheer amount of posts on Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey fan wall, a lot of people love this classic flavor. Judging by those same posts, a lot of those people were high when they decided to write in. Take for instance, the hungry and confused Dom, who recommends that, “They should surve these in Bigger canisters!” or how about Yvette, who was apparently so high that she thought, “”Gorillerfic!” was hilariously clever. As most of the comments offer jack shit by way of description, I”m going to let you know what I think of this classic.

Single serving

Banana Ice Cream - The banana base tastes like real banana. You don’t have to worry about getting some bastardization of a banana-pop and laffy-taffy. The walnut chunks are a decent size, you may even come across a whole one.

Fudge Chunks – The one outlying critic, Erica mentioned, “it taste like poop.”  It’s been awhile since my last fecal tasting, but I think she may have been referencing these fudge chunks. They aren’t so much fudge as they are small squares of lackluster chocolate. A let down.

Walnuts – I don’t find walnuts the most exciting of nuts, but these were sizable, and added a nice texture.

The combined effect left me disappointed, I ended up adding my own mix-ins to make it less boring.

Improved by chocolate cheerios and crushed pretzels

I’m not sure where Dom found canisters of the stuff, but I wouldn’t care for that Big of a surving. That’s not to say I think Erica really captured the flavor with “poop”, but again – it’s been awhile.

Yvette may have been closest with “Gorillerific” because no one knows what the hell that means, and it leaves no room for expectations.

Grade: C Meh, unspectacular.

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1 Jess

God, that was fucking hilarious, Rod. Sounds like Laura knows her feces, though, don’t go up against an expert if your shiteating is rusty. Trust me on this one.

2 Adam from GrubGrade

This is the essential problem I have with B&J’s. It’s basically 400% more expensive than something of a comparable size, and I have imagination enough to customize mix-ins on my own. I understand it’s super premium and mad from cows which are not given blah blah blah blah blah. But really. If you’re going to put a crapload of stuff in it, this ice cream could be churned from the golden utters of an Italian water buffalo and I wouldn’t pay 400% more. That, and I find companies that broadcast their holyier than you environmental and sustainability platform to be so five years ago.

3 Shannon

Yeah, that fecal tasting part is funny. Unlike you, I really like the flavor. This one is among my favorites. It may have something to do with the fact that my last attempt to satisfy my walnut/ice cream craving was with Blue Bell Black Walnut which was like ice milk with tiny walnut pieces, and I’m not much of a mix in person. When I do eat it, I remove the dark chocolate pieces which in my mind reduces the unbelievable 50% RDA of saturated fat per serving. My last purchase at Publix, which can make anything better, on sale for 2.23 wasn’t bad but, will be my last purchase for a while.

4 Rodzilla

Jess – Good thinking, I don’t care enough for the ice cream to refine my poop-palate for the testing.

Adam – I follow you, but I’m not jumping on your vendetta against B&J. I believe prices are actually comparable if you take into consideration serving sizes/weights.
Further, you’re talking to the guy that will willingly pay $5+ for coconut cookie dough, and $7 for strawberry Goat’s milk ice cream. When it’s worth it, it’s worth it.

Shannon – The banana base is decent decent banana base, but I’m usually not after B&J for the base – I’d go with H&D for that. I’d recommend you pick up Haagen Daz banana foster if you see it on sale.

As for sat. fat – I believe it’s mostly coming from the cream, I wouldn’t worry to much about it, that’s not a terrible source as sat fats go.

5 Adam from GrubGrade

When it’s worth it, it is. And I understand what you mean, because the weight of a B&J’s serving is double anything else, but their are other super premium brands out there these days. Do you live near a Kroger/Smith’s? They have a private selection label of super premium ice cream that is quite good.

6 The Cilantropist

I loooove Chunky Monkey, it is actually one of my favorite ben and jerry’s flavors! I guess when I think about it, I am a little underwhelmed by the nuts, but everything else is fab. I also like Phish Food. :)

7 Lot-O-Choc

Haha lmao, amusing post. Im not the biggest fan of chunky monkey, its alright, wouldnt go crazy about it to be honest!

8 Spencer

I’ll second the HD Banana Fosters recommendation.

B&J’s banana split flavor is also not particularly good, although if pressed, I’d choose it over Chunky Monkey (which isn’t saying much).

9 Ubernit

Love your reviews rod!
great read as usual

10 Rodzilla

Adam – I am by a Ralphs which is the same as Kroger. I may have to give their ‘screams a look, but I often get caught up in the abundance of Froyo in SoCal (posts to come)

Cilantropist – I will trade you so many chunky monkey’s for any of your baked goods. I’m with you on the Phish Food, and it’s the best of their froyo offerings in my opinion.

Nat + Spencer – I’m with you, I think it’s time for a new B&J banana flavor

Ubernit – thanks homeslice, I love your recipes.

11 Shannon

I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation, Rodzilla.

12 Tom

I came across this website because I Googled “Ben & Jerry’s excrement.”
I tasted a part of a small cup of B & J’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and, although I have never eaten excrement, I have smelled it, and this had an overpowering taste of poop. I’m not making this up or trying to be funny, and Erica too may been accurately describing what she tasted. I wish I were making this up, and I hope some Haagan Dazs will help me overcome this horrible chocolate ice cream experience.

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