Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

by Rodzilla on May 25, 2011 · 6 comments

I was driving by the local Wendy’s when I saw a sign for 99 cent 5-pc Spicy Chicken Nuggets. I’m used to paying much more for my favorite fast food nuggets, so anything under a dollar read like free. That and the fact that my campus Chick-fil-A had closed for the summer were enough reason for me to return a few hours later when I started fienin’ for some nuggets.

I stopped in after a training ride in full cycling gear. The friendly cashier treated me like any other customer, rather than some skinny douche with a funny outfit. I would have thanked my local Wendy’s for that, but they missed their shot for any gratitude by doing something much more offensive than giving me a funny look or snide remark. They served me shitty nuggets.

To begin, these don’t even look good. Why are my nuggets in a fry cup, and what are those little white specks? The outer breading wasn’t crisp, the inner nugget was dry and mealy, and the overall flavor was like off brand seasoned salt mixed with Junior High lunches. In their defense, there was some heat, but I’d be reluctant to call them spicy.

Maybe I just got an exceptionally bad batch, both Grub Grade, and The Impulsive Buy seemed to like them.
Nutritional information is here, for their 230 calories, there are about 230 things I’d rather have.

Grade: D+
They’re edible and will keep you alive.

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1 Nicholas

Yo, Wendy’s nuggets are usually the tits. I dunno what happened.

As for rolling up to get food kitted out, I’ve done it. I’ve shoved burritos in my jersey pockets for longer rides… it makes so much sense

2 Lot-O-Choc

Oh shame, nothing worse than a crappy chicken nugget!! I hate it when you feel like youve wasted your calories on nothingness.

3 Adam from GrubGrade

Wow, full cycling gear. Try as I may (and I do) I can’t bring myself to eat fast food close to excercise. It’s a problem because I’m training for a half marathon and find myself easilly distracted by fast food, but anything other than really, really simple carbs (straight up glucose, yo) is coming back out if I’ve still got miles to do.

Ryan has had these but I still haven’t. Damn Wendy’s on my campus was next to a CFA. It was always a no brainer. Around my new, East Coast home, they never are a straight up buck.

4 Rodzilla

Nick – at 99 cents, I can prob stand to give them another try. Maybe I’ll do fish tacos in the jersey today?

Nat – definitely. I’ll take McDs for nostalgia and CFA for quality.

Adam – I can’t do any whole food pre-ride/during, I had these after.

5 Steve

Didn’t love these either. However “off brand seasoned salt and Junior High lunches” is now going to be the title of my memoirs. or first country blues album.

6 Marina

I had these yesterday and today. They tasted like garbage both times! I don’t even know why I ordered them again… must be the price…
They looked ok on the outside, but were COMPLETELY dried out inside! I wonder if they’re 99 cents because they’re old?

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