Fugu’s Sushi and Wok

by Rodzilla on May 26, 2011 · 1 comment

After four consecutive days of 11+ hours in a car, I finally made it to San Diego.  I was staying in the beautiful La Jolla, an area where the shops make Bloomingdale’s look like a five and dime, and where the average income is higher than I can count. Tired, hungry, and unwilling to shower or even change out of sweats, I needed spot where my frumpy ensemble wouldn’t get me treated like a leper. As I rounded the corner from the local Maserati dealership (adjacent to the Ferrari Dealership) I saw this guy with a sign for Fugu’s Sushi and Wok – cheap drinks and sushi, I’d found my place.

Sushi Premium - $19

Being a Pittsburgh transplant you might expect me to say that this moderately priced sushi platter beat even the best that Pitt has to offer – that wasn’t the case, but I didn’t think it would. However, I also did not think it would be this good. All of the pieces were beyond acceptable, with a good ratio of fish to properly prepared  sushi rice. The albacore, sea bass, and scallop were standouts.  I was also a big fan of the additional sweet tamago, and sunomonu salad (seaweed, cucumber, crabstick).

Bar area

When I visited, it appeared the younger chef on the right was still being trained by Fugu’s seasoned vet on the left. These two paid a lot of attention to detail, and obviously knew what they were doing, I’ll get names on the next visit.

Don’t let the all encompassing Asian menu, or live advertisements fool you. For a moderately priced meal in a high priced neighborhood, Fugu’s is a great choice.
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