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by Rodzilla on May 9, 2011 · 6 comments

Ben & Jerry’s is constantly releasing new, exclusive, and/or limited editions to the market. I’ve always enjoyed covering the latest offerings, but in doing I often times neglect the classics. I’m changing that, starting now.

Unless you’re severely lactose-intolerant, vegan, or a Nazi, you’ll likely find at least one Ben & Jerry’s flavor to fall in love with.  I’ve found plenty, but this wasn’t one of them. My troubles started with the base. I got more chocolate than vanilla, and despite it’s status as a premium ice cream, B&J’s chocolate often tastes generic to me. I want the base to be something I would enjoy without the mix-ins, this was just kind of boring.

Next, make note of the backwards “e” in the name, almost like the label was written by a 5 year old. The mix-ins reminded me of what that same 5-year might come up with if given free reign at a dessert bar. Though most of the components would be good on their own, they don’t do much to compliment each other.

I did like the large and legitimate Heath bar pieces. , I can’t say the same for the non-Reeses peanut butter cups. Does anybody know why they choose to use one Herhsey brand candy but not both? The fudge covered almonds, and white chocolate chunks were standard, but excessive when mixed with an already loaded pint.
As you might expect from an offering that could just as easily be named  ”Fistful-O-Candy” or simply “Binge”, the caloric content is high. Probably not worth it to those who are counting. I’m not, and I still didn’t finish the pint.

Grade: C- it’s still B&J, but I won’t be picking it up again.

my main man Dubba from On Second Scoop seems to agree.

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1 Cameron

I’ve never tried the flavor, but I think I would probably agree with you here. I’ve had a few FroYo adventures where I’ve just haphazardly piled candy in my cup..and it never turns out that great. I always just end up eating the candy individually. Seems like this would be a similar experience.

2 dustinh6719

Totally agree with ya on the base, I find the chocolate to be sort of “off”, but this is still one my favorite flavors. The only chocolate bases i’m a fan of are Brownie Batter, Phish Food, and Flourless Chocolate Cake. My pint had a pretty good chocolate to vanilla ratio. The mix-ins may not be very complimentary, but I darn sure enjoyed them. Huge white chocolate fan here, and then PB Cups aren’t bad and they don’t slack in size. BnJ’s Heath Bar chunks are always win. I didn’t care for almonds though. Nice seeing some classics being reviewed. Hope to see a few more.

3 ebidebby

I saw this at the store and passed on it. I agree completely, it looks like the candies were thrown in without much thought given to compatibility. That one B&J’s with brownie chunks and cookie dough, on the other hand, that’s the stuff.

4 JC Deen

Alright, so not about this exact post BUT have you ever witnessed someone ordering and attempting to eat the Vermonster? Something I’ve always wanted to try but that’s a TON of ice cream.

5 gl

As to your Peanut butter cup quandry. B&J’s has to pay Hershey’s to use the chocolates in each product. They (Unilever) already pay a lot for the Breyer’s Reese’s Ice cream.

6 Rodzilla

Cam – agreed
Dustin – I’ll definitely review more of the classics
Debby – I do think Half Baked is pretty good – Milk & Cookies is even better
JC – I wasn’t there, but my roommate Greg finished one.
Gl – Thanks for letting me know. Breyer’s has a Heath offering as well, so I still feel cheated.

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