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by Rodzilla on April 11, 2011 · 11 comments

I really risked a lot to do this review. As you can see it was done live, in the Rodzilla G-Whip Subaru. No I wasn’t driving, what I was doing was actually much, much more dangerous.

What’s more risky than snapping pictures and eating “ice cream” while flying down the highway? Remaining parked to do a Whole Foods parking lot.  Anyone who has visited the establishment knows that immediately upon exiting the store you will have about 3 Toyota Prius following you to your car. By the time you reach your vehicle there will be anywhere from 3-5 Prius, 4+ Smart Cars, 2 or more Mini Coopers, and in some cases a Segway all lined up waiting for you to pull out.

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time before being harassed for my carbon footprint by a wanna-be Captain Planet, or worse – causing enough congestion for a terrible smart car-hipster-hybrid-fixie pileup. So I removed lid to be dig in to my pepto-pink faux ice cream.

You may have seen my last review of Arctic Zero. There I mentioned that the texture is light and guar-gummy, that seems to be consistent across all of the flavors. The only textural difference with the strawberry were the additional strawberry seeds throughout – a nice touch.  Though there were real strawberries in the ingredient list, they did not make for an authentic strawberry flavor. What I got instead was what I would call pleasantly half-ass - light, artificial, and watery. Preferable to throat-searingly fake, but not much else.

In the scope of Arctic Zero flavors, I’d rank this one behind my favorite Vanilla Maple. It ties for flavor with Coffee – personal preference will determine which wins out for you. I found it to be much better than either of the chocolates or cookies n’ creme.

The merits of the product lie in the nutritional and ingredient content. A whole pint of “kind of like ice cream” for for 150 calories to someone restricting their calories may seem like a miracle. However, at $4+ a pint, it’s also a rather expensive way to almost fix a hankering for ice cream.

For the record I made it out of the lot unscathed. Was my review worth aggravating a few *disgruntled-hipsters and wanna-be Captain Planets?  It may have been, but not because of the  ”ice cream”.

Grade: C

*Rodzilla Reviews has hipster friends, and believes Captain Planet was an excellent cartoon with a wonderful message.

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1 Dan

Solid review – much braver than I (I won’t set foot within 100 yds of Whole Foods for fear of being lumped into the hipster wagon). I think 1/2 a cup of Haagen-Dasz will go much further than pint after pint of this stuff. Though I am partial to fake strawberry flavoring…

2 Kim Valentine

I imagine eating that would make me crave ice cream even more. Would rather have less of the real thing.

3 Matt

i lol’d at 3.4g of protein.

not 3.5… or 3.3.


4 Lily

Great review! I lol’d about Whole Foods. Think I’ll skip the fake ice cream — but I do like the color. Good pics.

5 Jill K.

I’m not a strawberry fan but thought this was much better than their previous strawberry banana flavor. It’s more of a sorbet than an ice cream however and kind of like a gelato in texture at the same time. My favorite is the mint chocolate and cookies & cream flavors and granted the price is a bit expensive at whole foods, and what isn’t at whole foods; the nutrition is what keeps me coming back. I can’t argue with something that tastes really damn good (in the case of the mint and cookies & cream flavors) and the fact that I can eat the whole pint for 150 calories, it’s natural & organic, I get 16 grams of protein and fiber to boot. On another note what do you have against mini’s? lol I love mine! ;)

6 Rodzilla

I agree, much better than the old stuff. I haven’t tried the Mint, but wasn’t so much a fan of the C&C. No mini hate, I’d take it over a prius :)

7 Rodzilla

You and Dan are right. These are best saved for gluten/lactose intolerant with prader willi syndrome.

8 Marisa

I want to try a pint of this crazy stuff (for science). Doesn’t look like they sell it at my closest Whole Foods, but honestly it doesn’t really seem like a “whole food”. I’ll see what I can find!

9 yami

i’ve seen the chocolate and vanilla flavors at various dollar tree locations. meaning you get it for a dollar flat. haven’t tried it but i am close to doing so since can’t have milk.

10 phee

Interesting – my daughter absolutely loves the strawberry and despises the vanilla maple! And, oddly enough, the Sprouts in our neighborhood seems to have a plethora of vanilla maple and can rarely keep the strawberry in stock. Me, I’ll stick to frozen yogurt or sorbet. :)

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