Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack

by Rodzilla on February 28, 2011 · 40 comments

I think it’s time for me to admit I have a problem with ice cream. No, my triglycerides haven’t skyrocketed, or my pants gotten too tight.  My problem is with distraction. I have quite a few projects that I should be working on right now, but sharing my thoughts on Ben & Jerry’s latest with the masses (or around 17 site visitors) takes priority.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters.
I’m not going to make you wait for it:  it’s good, incredibly good, if Jesus Christ were coming to dinner this might be dessert good. This is easily a top 5 flavor of ANY ice cream that I’ve had – and that’s a lot.

Action shot.

This is a rare occasion where nothing in this ice cream could be improved. The consistency is great, all the flavors are standouts, and the amounts of swirls/mix ins are perfect.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – The flavor is vanilla bean, and there is a difference. If you look closely you will see little flecks of vanilla within the ice cream. I would love the base alone, but it’s made so much better by the additions.

Salty Caramel Swirl – There is an ample amount of this, as I continued to dig I found even more pockets of goeey, sweet caramel. You can taste the salt, but the sweetness wins out. This is a good thing, because you need that sweetness to balance out the saltiness of the next component.

Guess how those were cleaned off
Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters – When I read potato chips, I worried that they would become soggy. That wasn’t the case, the crispness of the clusters was protected by the sweet fudge coating. I mentioned that the caramel swirl did a nice job of balancing the saltiness of the clusters, and now you see why. The chip middle is studded with rocks of salt before becoming enrobed with the outer fudge layer.
For those who count.
You’ve seen the nutrition facts listed by the company, but I’m going to tell you the real ones:
Calories 1080
Total Fat 60
Total Carbohydrate 124
Protein 16
Seriously, once you taste it you’re not going to want to stop.Grade: A+ and bonus points for being inspired by Jimmy Fallon

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1 dustinh6719

Yeeesss! I can't wait to get this stuff. I'm looking more forward to this one than the rest. Good stuff Rod.

2 Rosa

holy cow I want it now!

3 Adam from GrubGrade

Nice job! Seriously, I know what you mean about having to finish it all. People can say what they want about a law of diminishing returns, but sometimes, to actually satiate myself I need to eat the whole dang thing. I've been looking for this flavor and can't find it yet, but something tells me it will be the flavor to finally get me to try B+J!

4 Kimberly

I worked with a young lady who would use potato chips and scoop up bites of ice cream to eat. She said it was PMS Food. :) I hope she remembers that and gets this ice cream.

5 Matt

those chip and fudge clusters look strange. why is there THREE color layers?

6 polarama


7 Anonymous

when does it come out?!?!?!?!?!

8 prettyprettyyumyum

Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters??? That is soooo crazy (in a good way)! I wish we had it here in Australia! We only just got Ben & Jerry's last year.

9 Colleen

I hate being Canadian sometimes. Most times, it's AWESOME and we can kinda lord it over the Americans (health care, slightly less insane political parties, fewer guns, better drugs) but your delicious selection of Ben and Jerry's TRUMPS CANADA every. DAMN. time.

We plan pilgrimages to the towns on the borders (Bellingham is my closest, with a real grocery store) so we can cash in on the gooey Ben & Jerry's sweetness. We bring it home. Our friends are in awe.

10 Anonymous

Just saw it on Jimmy Fallon… Chips, ice cream, and caramel?? Yeah, I'm getting it!! :-)

11 Patti

potato chips and chocolate?! I am so there.

12 Tampa Bay Food Monster

oh god. well i guess i'm gonna have to try this. dammit.

also, i love that stupid music video. mostly for zooey, but i guess jimmy was pretty good too.

13 Thalia

Never going to be available in the UK. Oh well.

14 Caitlin

Where did you get it??

15 Rodzilla

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Adam – Definitely recommend you give it a shot – but I think you should visit a scoop shop and sample as many as you can!

Kim – I think this flavor combo would brighten anyone's mood. I hope she find it.

Matt – the white layer is actually little salt crystals..awesome, I know.

PPYY – you may have limited B&J but some of the ice cream/yogurt shops I've seen on your site look amazing.

Colleen – I've had a lot of Canadians tell me the same, this is worth the trip. At least you guy's have French Toast Crunch though.

TBFM – I forgot how much I liked the song.

Caitlin – same place as all the others, think I mentioned in the RV post.

16 Tiffany

Damn! You put the calories!!
eh…who cares!

17 Anonymous

WHERE can I get some?

18 Tq

Had it in LA March 14 at PaleyFest – an evening with Jimmy Fallon… it was so good I was ready to take the cart right out the door with me!!! I need them to carry it in the stores… STAT!!!!

19 Anna

I finally found this elusive ice cream at a grocery store I don’t usually frequent. It’s so good! My only complaint is I think it could use more chunks.

20 Rodzilla

I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to more chip clusters, I love them!

21 Aileen

Sitting here eating it now…heaven in a pint. Seriously. I got it at a Ben and Jerry’s near me. I googled to find the calorie count, and here you are. :) Calorie count or not…yes, I will be eating the whole thing. :) Minus a few bites I sacrificed to the husband in the name of marital peacekeeping.

22 Rodzilla

Haha, perhaps they should cover up the nutritional label with a “don’t worry about it” sticker. I’m impressed that you’re able to share, you’re far more generous than I. Thanks for commenting!

23 Veronica C

This ice cream is a mind-blower. Loving it!!!

24 LTown

I know I’ll love this if I can just find it in London. Thanks for sharing that it is as fantastic as I thought it would be when I first heard Jimmy talk about it in interview.

25 brooklynbirdie

i keep looking for this ice cream locally, in brooklyn, new york, without luck. now i know i just have to look harder. thank you.

26 Katie

Yessssssssssss! I found this amazing ice cream!!! An old ice cream place in my town, that closed a few years ago, had this. I fell in love with it and was dedicated to find it….. I have it now! YES! Score! DELICiOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD I’m probably having a sugar rush now… I cannot believe some people thought it was gross, my family wouldn’t try it because of how weird it sounds… BUT I LOVE IT! Oh, my, gosh. I found it. Yes. Life is good. Yumm. Thank you!!! :D

27 sean l


28 Party Bus Rental Philadelphia

I honestly hadnt noticed the and they. Till I re-read. I personally could care less how people spell. If you track my prior post over a long period of time you will find exactly that! I used they as a reference to the government.

29 Pete

I tried it and I didn’t like it. Overbearing vanilla bean. I prefer Clusterfluff, but I’m disappointed that B&J are changing its name.

30 Julia

Someone please tell me if this icecream has nuts?????? I’ve heard that it’s amazing and i want some! But sadly I have a nut allergy :( I googled it about a million times and still… NOTHING!

31 ben w

This ice scream sucks. The clusters of potato chips are not good. Its by far the worst ben and jerrys flavor out there. This has nothing on Phish Food!!

32 Angie

I LOVE this ice cream flavor! It is such an addiction. I hope they keep it around.They discontinued my beloved Trutle Soup and I wasn’t sure if I would find a new flavor. This is it!!

33 Ramrod

This shit is like the equivalent of an ice cream boner, its god damn AMAZING.

34 ching chong

this ice cream turns me on

35 EJ

“Guess how those were cleaned off” – love it! This is my favorite ice cream! Can’t get it in Vancouver; have to go to Bellingham to get it! Thanks for the post.

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