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I decided to address some of the comments from the Marmite review with a whole new post.

Yes, I originally tried the Marmite by itself. I took about half a teaspoon on a plastic utensil and ingested. Then I did something really dumb. I could not believe how bad it was, so similar to taking a second whiff when checking the freshness of ones armpit, I sampled it again. This time on a pretzel stick, I hated myself for the decision and swore off Marmite as an ingestible food product.

I realize this is not the traditional way to eat Marmite, but I could not bring myself to do the whole butter and toast, cream cheese, cottage cheese, or really anything after my initial experience. BUT, because I want to be thorough in my reviews, and the human brains tendency to suppress memories of painful events РI went for round two.

Bread and Butter


Thinnest Spread over Marmite possible 


I hope everyone is happy, I hold you all responsible for ruining my morning toast. Erin raised the question, “Would you eat miso by itself?” This is a seemingly valid point, but only in the right context. Allow me to counter what I feel is a more appropriate framework. Would you eat buttered toast with a light spread of shit? Unfortunately I did, but I wouldn’t recommend it

Grade: F- Still the worst shit ever.

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1 Anonymous

hahaha sounds rank bro, thanks for saving me the time.

MEN Crew

2 Matt

thanks for takin one (or sounds like two or three) for the team rod.

and touche on the miso retort

3 Nicholas

I would eat miso by itself…

4 Anonymous

One of the few times the advertising for a product is correct. You either love or hate Marmite, there is no inbetween.

May i commend "Twiglets" to you though. They are snacks that are covered in ostensibly the same goo but dried. they taste totally different and are a fine bar snack.

5 Anonymous

As much as my NZ friends might hate me for saying this, Marmite is awful. But believe it or not, the Australian version, Vegemite, is even worse! So I guess you picked right and chose the lesser of two awful spreads.


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