Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Cookie Dough

by Rodzilla on December 20, 2010 · 11 comments

It feels like it has been way too long since my last ice cream review, so I decided I would start things up again with a personal favorite. Now, I’m a fan of all things coconut. If you’re not, you won’t like this ice cream. You may want try it because it has the words cookie dough. Hell,  you might even talk yourself into trying it because of the mention – don’t. The base is coconut through and through. You’ve been warned.

For the rest of us coconut fans, this stuff is fantastic. The base ice cream is full of coconut flavor. The consistency is lighter than premium ice creams, and the ingredients do contain some gums – but it’s far from the frozen dairy dessert fluff you get with light ice creams.

There are a generous amount of large cookie dough pieces which are on part with any of the best you get from premium ice creams. The chocolate flake provides a great bittersweet flavor that appeared in a crackly ribbon throughout.

Purely Decadent’s Cookie Dough is deserving of a great grade for flavor alone, but it also has a good bit to offer nutritionally. The high saturated fat content can be attributed in part to medium chain triglycerides, and there is an ass-load of fiber to boot!  Another warning – when I say ass-load, I mean it. Coconut milk and MCTs can cause a laxative effect in those unaccustomed. You may want to limit yourself to a few trial servings for the initial tasting, though you’ll want to finish the whole pint.

Grade: A+

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1 Kamala

My kids and I love this ice cream! It's a godsend for those with dairy and casein sensitivities, like my son. An interesting note: my husband doesn't hate, but has a hearty dislike of coconut. Yet, he likes this ice cream. Go figure!

2 Rodzilla

I agree – I don't feel like I'm compromising with this ice cream, I would take it over many traditional cookie doughs!

3 mike

Is the coconut just a coconut flavor (from the milk) or are there actual pieces of coconut in it? I love coconut milk but cannot choke even a single piece of shredded coconut down my throat.

4 Rodzilla

Mike – You're in luck, this is just flavor from the coconut milk. Not a shred to be found.

5 foodjunk

I don't know if I've seen this brand. I have to find this! I'll even look past the lack of coconut flakes.

It feels like I've subscribed to you blog a million times. Then it disappears from my google reader. I don't get it. Now you're straight bookmarked too.

good review.

6 Anna (vegan chocoholic)

Thanks for pointing out the fiber content – I can't help the dramatic sigh every time I look at the fat content on that brand – but I always skipped over the fiber content. Not bad! My self-justifying side says thank you. :)

7 Mark D. (sugarpressure)

Where did you by this ice cream? I haven't seen that brand in my local stores.

8 Rodzilla

I know that my nearest whole foods carries nearly the entire line, but I've seen lesser selections at many other local markets.

http://www.turtlemountain.com/ – they also make a range with soy – if you've seen those perhaps your super market can order these for you.

9 Gail for So Delicious Dairy Free

Thank you for the delicious review! We’re delighted that you are enjoying our Cookie Dough flavor and really appreciate you letting your readers know!

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