Trader Joe’s 3 plus Blue Cheese Flatbread

by Rodzilla on October 25, 2010 · 3 comments

I’m about to make a bold statement. Trader Joe’s can do no wrong. Just about every item I’ve sampled from TJ has been above a passing grade. The only time I’ve ever felt let down by TJ’s is when they’re stock of delicious frozen foodstuffs is dwindling after the 5:30 hipster dinner rush.

Luckily, I had visited the store right before prime time, and found the frozen pizza section had ample supply. In fact; I think the only hungry, hipster I saw was an employee serving up samples in the back (another point for TJs).

Out of the box

This flat bread came with a mix of gorgonzola, mozzarella, grana padano, and parmesan all on top of a very light tomato based sauce. The pizza flatbread didn’t look too enticing in it’s frozen state, but I did pick up a bit of a scent from the gorgonzola, giving me high hopes for the post baked flatbread.

Out of the oven

I followed the directions baking the pie for ~8 mins at 425.  The flat bread came out smelling fantastic, but it was still a bit doughy for my liking. I’ve found that most frozen pizza/flatbreads will benefit from a bit of broiler time.

Post Broiler

Much better. I was also feeling particularly gourmand that day, so I crisped the underside of the pie with a nonstick skillet. One of the many tips I’ve picked up from reading slice


The initial tasting left me very pleased. There is a good bit of tang from the gorgonzola. Blue cheese lovers will appreciate it, but it’s not so overwhelming as to turn off anyone who isn’t such a fan of the rotten stuff. The crust itself was crisp while providing a nice chew.

For the nutrition crew. This is a relatively “healthy” option when choosing amongst frozen pizza/flatbreads. For  $3.69 you can have two human servings or one Rodzilla serving.

Grade: A-
Tasty, quality, and cheap. You’re definitely going to want to grab a few of these before the hungry, hungry, hipsters.

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1 Evan

Great reviews and website. When you put the pizza on the nonstick skillet to crisp did you use any cooking spray or oil?

2 Rodzilla

Thanks Evan! I did use a tiny bit of spray, not sure it was necessary as the skillet was non stick but it never hurts.

3 WinoClast

Try cutting some fresh Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Blue Cheese in half and putting them on this baby before cooking… Mmmmmmm….

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