Marie Callender’s Tortellini Romano

by Rodzilla on October 1, 2010 · 0 comments


Tortellini are probably my favorite of the filled pastas (it’s a toss up with mini ravioli’s).  People who don’t like tortellini are usually either A) lactose intolerant B) gluten sensitive or C) stupid. Luckily I’m none of those things.

I picked this up for around $2.50, and was expecting some pretty great things. I threw it in the microwave and followed the directions for the “fresh flavor steamer”.

pre mix

Now, I’m well aware that the above photos aren’t all that pretty. Could I have placed them in a nicer bowl and made it look appetizing? Sure, and I probably would have….if it were appetizing.

The smells coming from the microwave were promising, a nice basil scent from the sauce. It was mostly down hill from there. The sauce itself has a sort of watter vodka sauce vibe, there is a bit of tang from the tomato, but it’s otherwise rather bland.

The tortellini were also a let down. I know ricotta is a mild flavor, but I was hoping for more of a hit from it. I also had to microwave for an additional minute as my tortellini were still cold when they finished in the microwave. I think this dried them out a bit too much.

Nutrition wise, it’s decent. I’d call it a “heartier” microwavable meal, without crossing over into hungry man territory. It’s a sensible size, with decent macronutrients, and it is filling (check the 7g fiber).  The ingredients were mostly natural, and there weren’t any hydrogenated that’s always a plus.


The meal could have been made a hell of a lot better by the addition of parm or romano cheese. As it stands, about the only thing it has going for it is the fact that its filling. This hasn’t turned me off to Marie Callenders entire line, but I surely won’t be picking this one up again.

Grade: D+

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